Meet Marjorie

Marjorie Johannes

Meet Marjorie. Marjorie was born on May 5, 1919 in St. Cloud. Her father worked for a granite company in St. Cloud. She and her sister and two brothers had to take their turns doing chores around the house before they could go have their fun. Marjorie had two very good friends, Marcy and Irene. They all enjoyed being outside … Read More

Good Shepherd Community Gardens

Good Shepherd Community Gardens

Good Shepherd Community Gardens. Good Shepherd currently maintains 14 community gardens on our Sauk Rapids campus. Each garden is planned, planted and tenderly cared for by our tenants with all the fresh produce being distributed to those who reside on our campus. As we enter planting season, we seek support for the purchase of seeds, plants, and associated items such … Read More

Meet Bernie of Shepherd of Grace

Meet Bernie

Meet Bernie of Shepherd of Grace   Bernie Kasper is a kind, gentleman who has worked hard his entire life. He was born outside of St. Michael, Minnesota and was raised on his parent’s dairy farm. He was the third oldest of 10 children, five boys and five girls. Bernie learned his strong work ethic at a very young age … Read More

Community Gardens at Good Shepherd

Community Garden at Good Shepherd

Community Gardens at Good Shepherd Community Gardens at Good Shepherd: Anyone who has taken a stroll through a park or relaxed along a sunny river bank can recognize the profound effects that nature has on our bodies and spirits. Simply being outside in the fresh air and sunshine provides a sense of mental clarity and overall well-being. Nonetheless, experts have … Read More

Meet Norine of Good Shepherd

Meet Norine

Meet Norine. Norine was born on January 30, 1933 in Verndale, MN, where she grew up. Her father worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad replacing old or damaged tracks. Her mother tended to their home and cared for Norine and her older sister, Ruby. At the end of their father’s work day, the girls would be so excited to see … Read More

Thank You Don Oswald!

Northern Delights thank you Don Oswald Welding Mirror

Thank you Don Oswald! The Northern Delights Store needed a mirror for shoppers to use as they look for that perfect hat or scarf. After we found just the right mirror within our budget we were disappointed when the weight was just too great for hanging.  That’s when our talented volunteer, Don Oswald, stepped in to create just the right … Read More

Central Minnesota Watercolorists

Central Minnesota Watercolorists

Central Minnesota Watercolorists Our mission is to provide opportunities and service to our area artists and members, to provide creative environments for all CMW members, and to encourage and strive toward creative excellence in all water mediums. History The first meeting of the group was held on January 19, 1981. Since that time, our organization has grown and offers several … Read More

Batik Artist Colleen Swenson

Colleen Swenson, Batik Artist About the Batik Artist and the process Watercolor was my introduction to the art world. When wintering in Florida, I took a watercolor class. The craft room was full of beautiful silk pieces. “Could I do this?” That began my journey with Batik Art. My instructor was Shalini Tandon. She is from India and I … Read More

Meet Gaylen of Good Shepherd

Meet Gaylen of Good Shepherd

Meet Gaylen of Good Shepherd. Gaylen was born March 7, 1948 and grew up in Ronneby and Foley on a 40-acre hobby farm. His dad worked at Franklin Management Company and later Electrolux. His mom was a housekeeper and worked at Good Shepherd for about 8 years when it first opened in 1963. He had three siblings, two brothers and … Read More

Student Testimonials About Staff

The Good Shepherd Community is proud to share some student testimonials about our staff! We have a variety of students including, CNA, LPN, RN, who take advantage of our clinical experience opportunities. The experience offers many skills, including activities of daily living (ADL), passing medications, learning communication skills and appropriately interacting with the elderly. Here’s what they have to say about … Read More