Chronic loneliness in older adults and how to make a difference… By Pat Flicker

Chronic loneliness in older adults: How to make a difference Most of us have felt lonely at some point in our lives. But chronic loneliness impacts more than just your happiness… it can affect your physical and mental health.  I think back to my parents as they aged and remember them asking for company on Sundays. It was so difficult

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities: The Importance of Water

Sitting in church this past Sunday, I observed the bubbling baptismal font, which brought thoughts of the way water influenced mankind. Here water was used as a way to bring God’s spiritual blessing to a new life. To me it is a comforting scene to all that are present. However, recent floods caused by too much rain have created havoc

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Olympics are more than just games!

I look forward to the Olympics every four years.  It’s a good break in the TV fair offered day in and day out. This is a chance for world athletes, no matter their specialty, to compete on the world stage.  Games of running, jumping, and throwing originated in Athens, Greece.  The modern games were brought to life in 1896. The

Sun and Fun – Our 36th Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser was a Success

Our 36th Annual Golf Tournament took on a HYBRID version this year extending choice to join us both in-person or virtually, as a result it was a huge success thanks to all of you! Approximately 100 sponsors came together in partnership to share over $40,000 with our Foundation which will directly support both nursing home and housing campus improvements, recreation

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Fascination with Food

Fascination with food.  It’s a lively topic of conversation where ever you go.  We are bombarded on commercial TV, not only the constant ads, but a variety of cooking shows.  Beyond the inundation of the forgoing, we are reminded that we should eat healthy foods. We live in a country where food distribution is obviously uneven.  This was brought very

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities… Candy was dandy when you were a kid!

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities… Candy was dandy when you were a kid. Treats were always something to look forward too. Even as an adult a sweet treat brings up your spirit for a moment. My son recently investigated the candy of the 1930’s. This was my era as a kid. So, he and I sharing the same birthday dates, thought it

Make ‘em laugh!

Make ‘em laugh! Humor followed by laughter or sit long, talk much, and laugh often maybe a good moto as we hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Friends together usually include laughter in their interchange of conversation. Maybe a joke or two brings humor to the forefront in time spent together. Recalling the past when we looked