Dancing to Feel Young

In their later years, many people strive to look and feel younger. Sometimes, this means investing in expensive creams, elixirs, and workout programs, and sometimes it means buying a hot rod or taking a lot of vacations. Recent studies have shown that a great way to feel young is through dancing. Dancing is the perfect exercise for those living in a senior living community.


Feel Younger

A recent report from Medical News Today showed that the signs of brain aging can be reversed through physical activity. This is especially helpful later in life and when dancing is the physical activity being performed. Why? Because when you’re dancing, you’re exercising for fun. You aren’t necessarily exercising to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or build a six-pack. Dancing is a fun, social activity. It leaves people in high spirits, which leaves them feeling youthful, too. Completing a dance routine requires learning and remembering steps, which improves cognitive function. The study also showed increased activity in the hippocampus after dancing.


Embrace Adventure

Dancing is spontaneous and exciting. It can add a newness to life that makes people feel young again. It can be challenging, which makes it stimulating. The sense of adventure helps older adults begin to redefine themselves. Instead of being sedentary, older adults are able to either start or continue enjoying an activity they did when they were young.


Improve Health

As adults age, exercise is especially important. The benefits are countless. Not only does it boost mood, it also increases hearth rate and improves overall health. It helps with stress relief and mobility, and improves symptoms of illnesses and diseases.


Increase Socialization

Socialization is crucial as people age and make the transition from living in a home they’ve lived in for decades to an apartment or senior living community. Participating in dancing lessons widens a senior citizen’s social circle. A sense of community builds, as the people in the class are all looking to enjoy the same benefits of dancing.


Young, alive, passionate, light, and free—that’s how dancing makes people feel. It releases a stream of happy hormones. Act younger, and feel younger too.

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