Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – DIY or “Do It Yourself”

Jack's Cabinet of Curiosities - Doggonit

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – DIY or “Do It Yourself”

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – DIY or “Do It Yourself” probably started when gasoline stations decided you could pump your own gasoline. Some stations started by having service pumps and self-service. Charging more for the service pumps. This eliminated an attendant checking your oil and cleaning the windshield. You are on your own to complete the foregoing service.

Many of the “Big Box” stores come in the retail picture letting the customer serve themselves. You were no longer met by a clerk, upon entering a store, to assist you in your purchase.

If you still appreciate service, hardware stores still provide help with your purchase. Their main competitor, of course, is the home furnishing and repair outlets. Encouraging us to do it yourself. Some products are left for the consumer to assemble or install with instructions included.

Today’s banking system has taken to technology in providing their services. We jokingly talked about “bankers’ hours”, but now you can bank 24/7. The ATM machine opens up a service to customers only accomplished formerly by entering the bank to be assisted by tellers. The service has advanced by photographing checks for deposit, thus no contact with a bank teller. We just become a number, not a person, in the corporate world of banking, as many banks continue the move to meld or mesh with other banks.

The latest IT (information technology) on the horizon is to click switch technology.  This would give the customer the flexibility to switch banks, all their accounts, just using their mouse button or tap on the screen.

All shoppers hate check-out lines. The next IT use will bring cashier-less stores. This will involve cameras and sensors to know when shoppers pick up a product and put it down and send them a discount to tempt them to buy it.

Sometimes up-grading IT cause problems, such as MNLARS (MN State Licensing System). A struggle to make the new system work has been facing the State for several years. Not all technology is quickly adaptable, thus causing much frustration and money.

Many of us seniors have lived through changes beyond those mentioned. We have learned to live with cultural change, both positive and negative. On the positive side, the blessings outweigh the negative.

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