Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Jack-of-All-Trades

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Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Jack-of-All-Trades

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities. When you are introduced to a person, one of the first things shared is how each of you “made a living.” Most people, no matter their occupation readily respond to the question. Your job or jobs become you.  How you performed, the where, when and how becomes the job history that when shared brings interest to a conversation.

In recent years the “Job Market” has been extremely volatile making it difficult for many people to stay at work in one place of employment for an extensive period of time. However, if you had lived and worked during the depression (1930’s) you likely were happy to stay at your workplace for many years.

This (economic) atmosphere produced dependable and loyal employees. All of who were proud to say they were employed at a certain company.

I satisfied my father when I started my first part-time job. Work was important to him, thus he taught me how to work. Over the years, besides high school and college, I counted twenty-five part-time jobs. Many of which supplemented my teaching position.

The other day a neighbor at Shepherd of Grace, Cliff, shared with me his experience in working for the railroad. That brought back memories of my senior year in college when I was employed part-time at a flour milling company. My job was basically a “jack-of-all-trades”.

On the first morning, I was summoned to the Vice President’s office, he had forgotten his tobacco pipe. I proceeded to his home, in the company jeep, to retrieve the pipe. From then on, a variety of jobs in the administrative area came my way. One such job I recall was helping in producing a bulletin called “cropaganda”. This bulletin included information on the commodity markets. One other job included typing “bills of lading” for flour shipped in large bags via railroad cars. Once the bills were ready for delivery, I would then deliver them in the company Jeep. That was the fun part of this particular job. One of my favorite duties was to deliver the mail to various departments. One stop I made was at the testing lab. Every flour was tested; thus, the final test was freshly baked bread. Taking home fresh baked bread was an awesome “perk”.

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