As of Friday, July 30th we are able to resume indoor visits in the nursing home with the exception of Sunny Lake household.

Sunny Lake will remain under precautions until at least Saturday, August 7th. Essential Caregiver, compassionate care, and outdoor visits may continue on Sunny Lake.

All other households can resume indoor visits without an appointment needed. Please resume self-screening at the front entrance as you were before the most recent visitation pause.

If your loved one is fully vaccinated (meaning a full 14 days after the final dose), please park in the front parking lot and come to the front door to go through our screening process. You may then go straight to your residents room.

If your loved one is not fully vaccinated, when you come to visit please pull into the side parking lot where the sign indicates outdoor visits. Park by the white fence and come to the back door inside the fenced area to be screened and visit in our designated indoor visitation room.

If you have difficulty scheduling your visit online, please call your social worker or case manager during regular business hours to assist you in scheduling. As always, outdoor visits and off-site visits are available without an appointment.

Please understand, if we have a positive case, or there is an increase in the tri-county positivity rates, indoor visitation will stop immediately, and without prior notice, until we have two consecutive weeks with no new cases and the positivity rate has reduced below 10% for two consecutive weeks. It is possible that we may go in and out of indoor visitation on an ongoing basis as local and facility case counts fluctuate.

If you are traveling from outside of the local area for a visit, it would be a good practice to call your loved one’s Floor Nurse the day of your visit to confirm visiting is possible.

If you have been outside of the state of Minnesota, you are required to quarantine for 14 days prior to visiting your loved one.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Enjoy your visit!

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