Serenity Garden

Serenity Garden: There is something about a serenity garden that soothes the soul. The beauty of the flowers, the quiet, the soft and gentle breezes, and holding the hand of a loved one. We understand the importance of providing such an area for our residents and their families to enjoy. It’s a serenity garden in which precious and life-long memories can be made. Our hope is that our serenity garden is a true blessing to all we serve.

Good Shepherd Community created an outdoor serenity garden area to provide a place where anyone can reflect, reminisce, pray, and visit with family and friends. The serenity garden offers paths to walk, a breathtaking stone fountain, peaceful pergolas to enhance the environment, and a vast selection of different flowers to enjoy. Located right on our campus in Sauk Rapids, MN, we hope you will enjoy the serenity garden as much as we enjoy providing it for you.

Good Shepherd Gardens

Along with the Serenity Garden which showcases our front entrance, our campus boasts two other gardens allowing residents and guests the opportunity for “garden therapy,” social interaction and enjoyment of the outdoors.

  • Memory Walking Garden is dedicated specifically to those suffering from dementia and their families. This garden offers a variety of sensory stimulation through the color and texture of plants including flowers, bush varieties and vegetables.
  • Our Sauk Rapids campus maintains sixteen Community Vegetable Gardens which are tended by a team of Good Shepherd tenants, their families, volunteers and staff. Each year we seek donations for the purchase of plants, seeds and incidental items such as hoses. All produce from these gardens is shared throughout the four apartment complexes.

To reserve your stone, please contact Perry at the Good Shepherd Foundation: 320.259.3491 or