10 Tips for Volunteering

  1. Research the causes or issues that are important to you. Look for a group that deals with issues about which you feel strongly.
  2. Think about your specific personality and how your skills or communication style might fit with different organizations or activities.
  3. Think outside the box! Many community groups that are looking for volunteers, like neighborhood watch programs, disaster relief organizations, youth organizations, intergenerational programs, and park services may not have occurred to you but could just be the perfect fit.
  4. Ask your friends or colleagues about their own volunteering activities to get more ideas.
  5. Contact a volunteer program such as the St. Cloud Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). They can help you to find the right volunteer opportunity. (320) 255-7295
  6. When you find an organization that is in line with your interests, request an interview. An interview will allow you and the organization to find the right match for your skills and interests.
  7. Find the volunteer activity that fits your schedule. Organizations need different levels of commitment for different types of volunteer activities.
  8. Volunteer with friends or as a family. Volunteering with others can be a great way to get to know people better and can help keep you excited about volunteering.
  9. If you find that your volunteering experience is not all that you expected, talk to your volunteer supervisor or coordinator about it. Think of what could make it better and check with them to see if your ideas are possibilities.
  10. Enjoy the benefits! Volunteering is shown to reduce depression, lower mortality rates, and strengthen functional ability.

Source: Corporation for National and Community Service and Independent Sector


To find out about the variety of volunteer options at Good Shepherd and Shepherd of Grace, contact the volunteer coordinator and (320) 258-8661.