Making the decision to move into
a senior living community can be overwhelming.
You don’t have to go through the experience alone.

The basic information we provide on our website is a starting point;
each individual has different wants, needs, and
Our Housing Manager is here to help navigate
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Long Term Care

The Good Shepherd nursing home consists of seven small, more personal long term care households.  Residents have personal space with private suites to relax and enjoy their free time. They also have wonderful living areas to get out and socialize with their neighbors.

  • Canary Creek – 20 private suites
  • Mille Lacs Lake – 18 private suites & 1 companion suite
  • Moonlight Bay – 16 private suites
  • North Shore – 21 private suites & 1 companion suite
  • Silver Bay – 19 private suites & 2 companion suites
  • Sunny Lake – 20 private suites
  • Memory Lane – 20 private suites

Memory Lane

Memory Lane household is specialized care for residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This household blends skilled, specialized care with compassionate understanding in a secured home-like setting.  This unique environment allows residents to be their best selves. Our dedicated staff prides themselves on promoting family involvement and open communication.  This involvement has created a unique closeness with residents, staff and family members.


Sometimes caregivers need a break. We offer respite care in our memory care cottages or any of our nursing home households. Typically respite care lasts 30 days or less, allowing the caregiver time away without the added worry. The Welcome Center is available to answer your questions regarding our respite services.

Below are some of the most common questions we receive, along with our answers.
Our Welcome Center will provide you with information that pertains specifically to you or your loved one.
call us at (320) 259-3476 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

How do I obtain more information or arrange for a tour?
To schedule a tour or obtain more information, please call the Good Shepherd Welcome Center at
320-259-3476 or email us at You can also request additional information by submitting the contact us form (/contact-us) within this website.


Do I have to be Lutheran to live the Good Shepherd Community?
At Good Shepherd, we welcome people of all faiths.


Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed at Shepherd of Grace-Becker campus.


Is smoking permitted?
The Good Shepherd Community is smoke-free on both the Sauk Rapids campus and the Becker campus. Smoking is prohibited by residents and guests in all areas of the buildings and grounds, including individual residences.

Nursing Home Questions

How much does it cost to be in the nursing home?
In Minnesota, the legislature sets the nursing home rates. There are 48 levels of care that are determined by a comprehensive nursing assessment. Generally, long-term care rates start at $197.04 for the lowest level of care and go up to the highest at $472.51 per day. At most facilities, there is a private room fee in addition to a daily room and board rate. Good Shepherd charges $46.00 per day. Prices do change annually.


Who can live in a nursing home?
People need help with a minimum of 4 ADL’s (activities of daily living) may live in a nursing home setting. Those activities include bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and/or eating.


Do I have to share a room?
Good Shepherd completed a remodel and addition to our existing facility in 2010. We now have 154 private bedroom suites and only four shared bedroom suites. We try to reserve the shared suites for couples who want to stay together. At most facilities, there is a private room fee; Good Shepherd charges $46.00 per day.

Good Shepherd is a 162-bed skilled nursing facility with eight households ranging from 16-23 people. This creates a smaller, more home-like setting.


What types of payment are accepted for long-term care?
Good Shepherd accepts private pay, health insurance, long-term care insurance, Medicaid

and Medicare.


What types of payment are accepted for short-term or rehab stays?
Good Shepherd accepts private pay, health insurance, long-term care insurance, Medicaid and Medicare (which has specific criteria which must be met in order to use Medicare for payment). Patients need a minimum stay of 3, in-patient overnights in a hospital must need skilled nursing care (something only Registered Nurses can provide) and/or therapies such as physical, occupational and/or speech (minimum of 5 days per week). If the criteria are met, then Medicare pays up to the first 20 days at 100%. Days 21 up to 100 have a co-pay generally paid by a supplemental insurance policy. Continued progress must be made for Medicare to continue paying. Most short-term or rehab stays are less than 30 days. Hospice may pay for short respite stays.


Is there a waiting list?
Due to the popularity of our household setting and a large number of private rooms, there is a waiting list. There is no cost and no risk to putting a name on our list.