Finding Independence in Older Adulthood

February is National Senior Independence Month! Older adulthood is often associated with loss of independence, but with a few preparatory tips, it doesn’t have to. The key to maintaining your independence is to show your family and those who may be worried about you that you are safe. Embrace Technology Embracing technology is a great way to maintain your independence

Heart Healthy Tips for Seniors

February is American Heart Month, where we all aim to do our parts to lessen our risk of heart disease. As an older adult, there are a lot of simple things you can do to do improve your heart health. Know your Risk and Understand Symptoms American Heart Month acts as a great reminder to schedule an appointment with your

Time is of essence

Time is of essence.  As you read this, “Old Man 2020” is long gone and replaced by the “Baby” enshrouded with a banner reading 2021.  The old man from last year looks a bit more weary from the burden of the on-going pandemic.  However, over the past years have proved to be a struggle for humanity. Keeping meaningful records of

Fall Prevention

As we age, our bones can become brittle and break more easily. A fall in older adulthood can mean more than just a broken finger or two. A fall can result in major broken bones, such as a fractured hip or a broken back. Head injuries and even fatal injuries aren’t uncommon in the older population after a fall. It

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Older Adults

As we embark on a new year and hope for a more peaceful, positive, forgiving year, we are all looking for a bit of relaxation that brings about a sense of peace. Tai chi is a great way to find peace, increase flexibility, and improve balance. What is Tai Chi? An ancient Chinese movement practice, tai chi embraces mind, body,

New Year, Less Clutter!

The New Year is a great opportunity to take a good look at your life and make changes to the things you would like to improve. A great resolution to tackle is to declutter. Many of us have tendencies to collect items, and those items end up in drawers, closets, on countertops, and in other areas in your home. Sometimes

Staying healthy…Minnesota Winter Survival Tips

It’s no secret that I don’t like being cold. Every winter I ask myself, “Why do I live in Minnesota?” The answer is family. It’s hard to move away from those I love just because I don’t like the weather. For those folks who do like the cold, there are many great ways to stay active and healthy during the

Jack’s Reflection on 2020

What a difference a year makes. As I was writing The Column December 2019, my perspective of daily life was very different. The theme I tried to promote was to maintain a healthy lifestyle at an older age. This is now something we at Shepherd of Grace look back at with fond remembrances. The exercise was not only keeping physically

Zoom Ideas for Christmas

Christmas will be a little different this year, but that’s okay! There are still ways we can all celebrate together while staying safe. Zoom and other similar video platforms have made connecting with family and friends from the comfort of your respective homes easier than ever! If you need ideas for activities to enjoy or games to play with your

Improving Well-Being with Gratitude

2020 has been a tough year, and no population or group of people has gone untouched. Perhaps one of the most affected groups is the elderly population, as they are among the most at-risk so they have strict regulations in place to stay safe. They may not have seen family or friends in months. It may be hard to feel