Transitioning Your Assets | Tips for Managing Your Estate

Estate planning can often be an uncomfortable and overwhelming process, making it easy to put off for years. If your plans aren’t in order, however, it can cause your loved ones a lot of stress in the future. It’s important to think about estate planning as a positive solution for making sure your wishes are followed and making it easy

Muscle Building for Older Adults

Aging adults working out with The Good Shepherd Community Logo

The body is like a machine: it needs attention and effort to stay in the best shape. This is true at all stages of life, but especially in older age. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that all adults do strength training exercises at least twice a week and this includes aging adults. It’s never too late

Signs You Should Think About Memory Care for Your Loved One

Older woman holding the hand of a caregiver

Moving a loved one into memory care is often a difficult and emotional decision. Knowing when to move to memory care can leave caregivers feeling concerned and overwhelmed about the well-being of their loved ones. When to Move From Assisted Living to Memory Care For those making this important decision, it’s important to know the signs that it’s time for

Jack’s Column

Gathering wood.  Stacking wood.  Cords of wood.  These are familiar terms to an era gone by, when a majority of the population used wood for central heating and cooking. Keeping the wood box full probably was one of your duties.  Your mother depended on you to have a supply handy so she could cook a hot meal. Things changed with

Jack’s Column

Greetings, I bring you tidings of the great day a Savior was born over 2,000 years ago.   His name is Jesus Christ.  The season is more complete knowing this reassuring message is proclaimed by song, readings, and wishing each other warm greetings during the season. I am in my 5th year living at Shepherd of Grace Apartments, Becker campus.

Financial Planning for Long-Term Memory Care

Graphic of older senior couple with money and planning concepts.

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, most family members’ first thoughts are anger or sadness—not how they’ll pay for their loved one’s care. Unfortunately, this means many families are unprepared for the financial burden of memory care. As your loved one’s condition progresses, it will become clear how expensive it can be to get your loved

Handling Resistance from Loved Ones While Moving into Memory Care

There are few things tougher than coming to terms with transitioning your loved one to a memory care facility, but you’re not alone. Memory care is a 24-hour, long-term residential care solution for older adults who are suffering from progressive memory loss diseases, like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. When your loved one’s memory declines to the point that

Historial Trip December 2022

How about doing your Christmas shopping and taking in a sight-seeing historical trip.  We were able to do just that in December 1998.  Flying to Christkindlmarkets in Germany and Austria. First stop was Frankfort where our bus and guide were waiting for us.  After an interesting ride through a countryside of small quaint looking villages we arrived at our first

Dear Jack Column November 2022 UK Trip

The recent death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth of the UK and the Commonwealth of Nations brought back memories of our visit to the UK.  So many landmarks, building, and streets still looked familiar to me. This adventure all started when our pastor asked my wife and I if we were interested in a Parish Holiday in England.  He gave

Downsizing Tips for Moving into Assisted Living

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Transitioning your loved one from their long-term home to an assisted living facility or memory care unit can be difficult. It’s understandable that many older adults find this transition scary and overwhelming—not only are they moving out of their familiar home, but assisted living or memory care apartments are typically smaller than their previous home. Downsizing is an essential part