Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

Image Credit: Parkinson’s Foundation   April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Through the Parkinson’s Foundation, individuals with Parkinson’s disease are encouraged to share their experience with the disease in order to raise awareness and provide coping methods.   What is it? Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurogenerative disorder. It affects the dopamine-producing neurons in the brain—more specifically referred to as the

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at your Senior Living Community

May the luck of the Irish be with you!   The U.S. Census Bureau reports that around 1 in 5 Americans have Irish lineage. Whether or not you’re Irish, March 17 is still cause for celebration! St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day to celebrate no matter your age. Older adults at senior living homes love to celebrate, whether there’s

Medication Safety Tips for Older Adults

As individuals age, they may encounter health issues that require the management of medications. With the uptick in prescription medications and supplements, the risk for harmful drug interactions also rises. As our bodies age, the way our bodies break down and absorb drugs may also change. All of these things can lead to harmful complications. Not to mention, it can

Boosting Your Immunity

With the threat of getting the flu, this time of year can be dangerous for older adults. While a younger person may be able to fight the flu easily, an older adult may struggle. Older adults are much more vulnerable to infections and potentially dangerous side effects from the common cold and the flu virus. One of the ways to

Meet Roger!

Meet Roger Roger was born during the depression, on June 3, 1931 and was raised in Long Prairie, Minnesota. His family initially lived on a farm where his mother’s mother lived, but when he was three, his family moved into town. His father was a pressman for Hart Press, the largest employer in Long Prairie. His mother worked at home

Creativity and the Aging Brain

Creativity is essential to the aging mind. Increasing studies are showing that it has a tremendously positive effect on the aging brain. Creativity can foster neuron connectivity, which means it supports brain health. By stimulating cognitive functioning, creative projects can benefit those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.   A study on creativity and aging found that creativity has a positive impact

Cold Weather Activities for Seniors

With the cold winter weather taking over, no one wants to go outside. As temperatures stoop lower and lower, it can be increasingly dangerous for older adults to go outside. Staying inside all winter long can make people feel a bit of cabin fever, but there are some great activities to pass the winter until the warmer temps come around

Resolutions!  New Year’s resolutions. 

  Resolutions!  New Year’s resolutions written by Jack – Shepherd of Grace   Have you made them in the past?  Have you been able to keep them? Human nature tests our will to have good intentions to change things in our lives that we know will benefit our well-being. Many resolutions deal with living a healthy life.  Such as exercising

New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to put your time and energy into accomplishing a goal, whether it’s prioritizing health, saving more money, or developing a new skill. Resolutions aren’t just for moms hoping to find the time to exercise and get their pre-mom body back, or millennials hoping to get better at saving. New Year’s resolutions are a

Flu Season Tips

The cold weather may be a single that the holidays are approaching, but it’s also a signal that cold and flu season is upon us too. Cold and flu season can be tough on everyone, but it’s especially hard on infants and seniors. The start and end of the flu season fluctuates a bit each year, but we’re currently right