Why Do People Give?

There are many reasons and benefits here are a some… One of the biggest reasons is it makes you feel good and that alone can boost your gratitude, which enhances your health, happiness, and optimism. It may even help reduce stress, depression and create social connections with others working towards a common goal or similar interest. For most Donors giving

The Importance of Memory Gardens

Older person sitting on the porch reading, surrounded by garden with pink and purple flowers

Caring for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia requires long-term commitment and compassion, but fortunately, there has been quite a bit of progress in treating and caring for patients. For those suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or memory loss, memory gardens offer a wide variety of benefits.   The Benefits of Memory Gardens   Carefully designed to stimulate the brain and senses

Top Low-Maintenance Pets for Seniors

Senior man staring out the window with a gray cat.

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your aging loved one’s home, helping to encourage exercise and social interaction, as well as reducing stress. However, choosing the right pet with your loved one’s needs and health conditions in mind is important, as the wrong pet could become a safety concern.   Dogs or Cats   Dogs and cats are the

Jack’s Column: Communication

Communications is an ongoing activity in today's world. A constant barrage of talking heads on TV. Constant weather reports on radio and TV. If we need more information, us your phone, I-pad, or computer. We do it faster and quicker. Events occurring across the world have instant coverage. Can you even imagine living in a world that took years to

What’s the Best Fit? Assisted Living vs. Home Care

When an older adult needs assistance or has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, it’s common for loved ones to start debating which care option is the best fit. While one family may choose to work with a home care agency, a different families loved one may be best suited to move into an assisted living facility. Either way, it’s

The Benefits of Working in Senior Care

Senior walking on a walker with assistance from caretaker.

Careers in senior care are far more than just a job. Working in senior care provides many benefits, both financial and emotional. With ten thousand baby boomers retiring per day, the number of careers in senior care are expanding, as well. The support occupations and personal care service fields are expected to grow over eighteen percent by 2028. Job Security

Protect your Senior Loved Ones from Common Digital Traps

More and more scammers are finding older Americans as appealing targets. According to a report from the FBI, in 2020, seniors lost nearly $1 billion to elderly scams. Over 105,000 people over the age of 65 were scammed, with the average amount lost being $9,175. Approximately 2,000 elders lost more than $100,000. There are countless avenues that scammers use against

The Benefits of Utilizing Respite Caregivers

Senior man staring out the window.

As they age, many people choose to return the care they received in their infancy to their aging parental figures. While having a familiar figure provide care is a great comfort for many seniors, providing senior living care can also be an extensive and emotionally taxing undertaking, especially without proper training. Luckily, respite care services are available to provide care

The Different Types of Home Health Aides

Home health aide listening through stethoscope to senior man’s heart.

Depending on the extent of the care you or your loved one require, your home health care aide will have different qualifications and skills. People tend to use the names of different types of home health aides interchangeably, which can make it difficult to differentiate between the care they provide. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the most

Types of Birds and Fish that are Best for Seniors

Surprisingly, fish are the third favorite choice for pet owners. According to the APPA survey, 14.7% of pet owners said they have either a freshwater or saltwater fish. They are a great choice of pet for seniors as they are relaxing to watch and easy to care for. They are also a low-maintenance pet, requiring only a bowl or tank.