Weather and Climate Change

Weather is the most discussed topic wherever you travel.  In more recent years it has been a major topic because as predicted, earth warming temperatures are coming true. We have experienced hotter summers and a much warmer winter. Much of our world weather change is due to man-made activity.  

The winters, metrological December, January, and February, have been above average temperatures. Scientists tell us that temperatures are increased in winter by El Nino, warm water in the Pacific Ocean.  The upper Midwest has experienced a mild winter, which has a hand at the change in the environment.  

Ice-free lakes eliminate the normal ice fishing season and related business connected with the sport.  Plus, the algae growth is enhanced. Fish that depend on cold water will be less in numbers, devastating the amount of food larger fish depend on.

All the scientific equipment we have available to predict weather will not help to change or control it.  We may have to adapt by using new inventions. Books and articles have been written warning of the weather changes, but there has not been much action from the various countries, even though they meet and agree changes must be made.  

However, drive around the Becker area and you will see acres of solar panels being installed. These solar panels will take the place of the present steam powered generators. The coal burning boilers currently in use contribute to our air pollution. By using the sun to provide electricity, our pollution and earth warming can be improved.

Presently we have three proven ways to produce electricity for mass consumption, nuclear, solar, and wind power. All three are presently being used.

Each method presents a problem; nuclear – storage of used rods; solar – large land areas to produce electricity; and wind – again large land areas plus maintenance on windmills.

A fourth way to provide electricity using natural power is rivers. This is available, but building dams to harness the water power can be environmentally disrupting.  

Rachel Carlson wrote a book in 1962 called “Silent Spring” forewarning us of the coming warming of the earth. What have we done since that warning to improve the world atmosphere? Has the present experience of a hot summer and a warmer than average winter brought us a message of change?

Only time will answer this question.  


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