Day of a Teacher October 2023

Let’s look at a day with a teacher.  We are near the end of September and by now teachers are acquainted with their class of students, and more familiar in the elementary with hopefully about 25 students in a classroom.  Secondary, teachers are meeting a new class each hour, the number multiplies by at least 5. The foregoing probably describes

Support Groups

Support groups of various varieties have been around for a number of years.  These groups were started to meet the needs of people to give one another helping hand to both parties – those helping and those in need of help. A support group available to meet the needs locally is a Dementia Caregiver Group.  This group meets the 4th

Jack’s Column

By the end of the month most schools will be in session and family life will change.  The activity of the family will be centered around school.  As we enter another year, our young people are faced with many social problems which distract from learning.  One of the many technical developments that have distracted our present-day students is the cell

Jack’s Column

“The Land of 10,000 Lakes” is Minnesota’s name.  Sounds like a lot of water but we have rivers too and many small streams.  Many of our cities started on a lake or river.  In fact, the main mode of transportation was either on foot or canoe before horses were introduced. Early explorers were eager to find a source of the

Jack’s Column

Recently I attended a gala banquet held by an organization called Faith in Action.  This is a yearly activity to raise funds to actually help put their faith in action.  I have been to the banquet in past years, but I am amazed at a gathering of 250 people with a goal to help those less fortunate.  Their helping activities

Jack’s Column

Greetings, I bring you tidings of the great day a Savior was born over 2,000 years ago.   His name is Jesus Christ.  The season is more complete knowing this reassuring message is proclaimed by song, readings, and wishing each other warm greetings during the season. I am in my 5th year living at Shepherd of Grace Apartments, Becker campus.

Historial Trip December 2022

How about doing your Christmas shopping and taking in a sight-seeing historical trip.  We were able to do just that in December 1998.  Flying to Christkindlmarkets in Germany and Austria. First stop was Frankfort where our bus and guide were waiting for us.  After an interesting ride through a countryside of small quaint looking villages we arrived at our first

Dear Jack Column November 2022 UK Trip

The recent death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth of the UK and the Commonwealth of Nations brought back memories of our visit to the UK.  So many landmarks, building, and streets still looked familiar to me. This adventure all started when our pastor asked my wife and I if we were interested in a Parish Holiday in England.  He gave

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities: Something That is Common to All of Us – Money

Something that is common to all of us – Money.  Many people never have enough money and some have more than enough. Over many centuries a variety of systems have been used to perpetuate trade of goods.  Some people used a barter system to meet their needs.  You have something I can use and I have something useful to you.

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities: The World of Work

The “Great Resignation” is in full flow at this time.  There is a need for workers.  The Pandemic caused the lay-off of many workers to help slow down the spread of Covid.  The lay-off was long enough to give many people cause to analyze their lives and occupations. Many found discontent with their life style and decided to opt-out to