Pledge of Allegiance

Patriotism is being highly devoted to one’s country. A first step is an outward display by pledging an allegiance to our country, the United States of America. Memorizing the pledge can start at any time, usually in grade school. The day can start with all standing, placing their hand over their heart and reciting: I pledge allegiance to the flag

Newspapers are a vital way of communication in any society.

Newspapers are a vital way of communication in any society. Besides printing the news, they provide an opportunity to express opinions by the public. Most newspapers pay for their publishing cost through advertising. Currently newspapers are being challenged by the internet. The information can come from any source. Some newspapers have found it necessary to duplicate the paper on-line. So,

Weather and Climate Change

Weather is the most discussed topic wherever you travel.  In more recent years it has been a major topic because as predicted, earth warming temperatures are coming true. We have experienced hotter summers and a much warmer winter. Much of our world weather change is due to man-made activity.   The winters, metrological December, January, and February, have been above average


Time is passing by very quickly and already it is February. As a young student in school, I enjoyed studying and learning about presidents; February was referred to as President’s month.  We celebrated two of the most popular men we had in that office – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Maybe we enjoyed learning about these men because we had

Show a Little Kindness

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, considerate, and generous. I have witnessed these characteristics more in people since my personal life has changed and I’ve grown older. It’s probably not the age so much, but the means you physically have to use to get around. Using a cane to stabilize yourself is obvious and kindness shown is that someone

Jack’s November News

In your younger years, how did you get the news?  Commonly, a local, weekly paper provided what’s happening in both the past and the present.  Most people did not have a radio until the 1930’s, if they could afford one.   The radio became very important for news in the 1940’s during WWII.  Families would crowd around the radio to hear


Did you have grandpas full of wisdom?  Were they looked upon as knowledgeable, as a person who worked hard throughout their life?  Were they happy to see you when you visited, or did they spend their last years living with their family? I have several pictures on my bedroom wall that I look at every day.  One large picture is

Day of a Teacher October 2023

Let’s look at a day with a teacher.  We are near the end of September and by now teachers are acquainted with their class of students, and more familiar in the elementary with hopefully about 25 students in a classroom.  Secondary, teachers are meeting a new class each hour, the number multiplies by at least 5. The foregoing probably describes

Support Groups

Support groups of various varieties have been around for a number of years.  These groups were started to meet the needs of people to give one another helping hand to both parties – those helping and those in need of help. A support group available to meet the needs locally is a Dementia Caregiver Group.  This group meets the 4th

Jack’s Column

By the end of the month most schools will be in session and family life will change.  The activity of the family will be centered around school.  As we enter another year, our young people are faced with many social problems which distract from learning.  One of the many technical developments that have distracted our present-day students is the cell