Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities: Something That is Common to All of Us – Money

Something that is common to all of us – Money.  Many people never have enough money and some have more than enough. Over many centuries a variety of systems have been used to perpetuate trade of goods.  Some people used a barter system to meet their needs.  You have something I can use and I have something useful to you.

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities: The World of Work

The “Great Resignation” is in full flow at this time.  There is a need for workers.  The Pandemic caused the lay-off of many workers to help slow down the spread of Covid.  The lay-off was long enough to give many people cause to analyze their lives and occupations. Many found discontent with their life style and decided to opt-out to

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities: The Importance of Water

Sitting in church this past Sunday, I observed the bubbling baptismal font, which brought thoughts of the way water influenced mankind. Here water was used as a way to bring God’s spiritual blessing to a new life. To me it is a comforting scene to all that are present. However, recent floods caused by too much rain have created havoc

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities… Candy was dandy when you were a kid!

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities… Candy was dandy when you were a kid. Treats were always something to look forward too. Even as an adult a sweet treat brings up your spirit for a moment. My son recently investigated the candy of the 1930’s. This was my era as a kid. So, he and I sharing the same birthday dates, thought it

Make ‘em laugh!

Make ‘em laugh! Humor followed by laughter or sit long, talk much, and laugh often maybe a good moto as we hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Friends together usually include laughter in their interchange of conversation. Maybe a joke or two brings humor to the forefront in time spent together. Recalling the past when we looked

Now, then, and the future

We all have had the experience of living in the now and the then, but what keeps questions before us is the future.  This is probably truer today than in the past.  The speed of change in the technical world leaves many questions before us. Where we live in the United States and our occupation has much to do with

The challenge of change

We are presently living through a new challenge. One that is more demanding of our physical and mental strength. Many changes in our lives have already occurred and more to come. You have washed or sanitized your hands more than ever in your life. Your facial expressions, when meeting other people, have been limited to above the nose. You have

Time is of essence

Time is of essence.  As you read this, “Old Man 2020” is long gone and replaced by the “Baby” enshrouded with a banner reading 2021.  The old man from last year looks a bit more weary from the burden of the on-going pandemic.  However, over the past years have proved to be a struggle for humanity. Keeping meaningful records of

Jack’s Reflection on 2020

What a difference a year makes. As I was writing The Column December 2019, my perspective of daily life was very different. The theme I tried to promote was to maintain a healthy lifestyle at an older age. This is now something we at Shepherd of Grace look back at with fond remembrances. The exercise was not only keeping physically

Jack’s trip to Northern Canada’s Arctic

Many years ago, in the 1960s, while attending a lyceum program at a high school, my interest in polar bears piqued. A local professional photographer presented a program of slide pictures of his recent trip to Northern Canada’s Arctic region to explore the life of polar bears. Thirty years later my wife and I were able to travel to the