Show a Little Kindness

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, considerate, and generous. I have witnessed these characteristics more in people since my personal life has changed and I’ve grown older. It’s probably not the age so much, but the means you physically have to use to get around.

Using a cane to stabilize yourself is obvious and kindness shown is that someone can hold the door for you to make your movement much easier.

At home stairs can become another hindrance. A moving electric powered seat installed on a staircase is another appliance making your home more livable. If other daily useful items are needed certain adaptations will need to be made. Kindness will now come into play due to the need for personal help.

If balance becomes a problem a walker becomes a useful companion. Many people will stop and take a few moments to open a door or to load the walker into the trunk of a vehicle.

As the need for mobilization continues a motorized scooter will give you freedom of movement, but door opening is still a problem. There always seems to be a kind person nearby to make the door entry or exit easier.

So daily life can be made easier with kinder people. These people often will strike up a conversation, so you, by accepting assistance, have made a new friend.

By being helpful you feel good, and the person helped feels recognized. Having experienced the use of all the forgoing devices, and the kindness shown by others, makes my daily life better.

As the population gets older, a greater need will exist for assistive devices and an opportunity for people to show their kindness.

Where does kindness come from? Some of it is inherited. The nature of the family one is born into practices kindness as part of their daily life. Please and thank you is part of their daily life.  Thank you’ s can also be done with a note card.

Kindness can grow out of being polite. Being polite puts the other person first.

Will it be more difficult to teach kindness to young children where their learning comes via a computer. Facts and knowledge don’t have kindness built into them. Interaction between people have built in lessons to learn how kindness can enhance your life.

So be kind, put on a smile, and say, “how can I help you?”

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