Medication Safety Tips for Older Adults

As individuals age, they may encounter health issues that require the management of medications. With the uptick in prescription medications and supplements, the risk for harmful drug interactions also rises. As our bodies age, the way our bodies break down and absorb drugs may also change. All of these things can lead to harmful complications. Not to mention, it can

New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to put your time and energy into accomplishing a goal, whether it’s prioritizing health, saving more money, or developing a new skill. Resolutions aren’t just for moms hoping to find the time to exercise and get their pre-mom body back, or millennials hoping to get better at saving. New Year’s resolutions are a

Flu Season Tips

The cold weather may be a single that the holidays are approaching, but it’s also a signal that cold and flu season is upon us too. Cold and flu season can be tough on everyone, but it’s especially hard on infants and seniors. The start and end of the flu season fluctuates a bit each year, but we’re currently right

Holiday Stress

What should be a joyous season for many can sometimes be a stressful season for many older adults. The holidays may be cheerful, but they can also be very emotional. Individuals in the senior population can experience feelings of loss and loneliness. Memories of past holidays—complete with family members who’ve passed away or ones in which they had more independence—can

Senior Travel Tips

Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean traveling has to stop! If anything, older adults should travel more because they have more time (provided they have the financial means). However, being older means you may have to travel differently.   Insurance The most important thing when older adults travel is safety. There may be physical limitations, and older adults may

Balancing Holiday Obligations When your Loved One is in a Senior Living Facility

Many of us have aging parents—or grandparents—in long-term care facilities. This can be especially difficult during the holiday season. How do you balance seeing your loved one, visiting your in-laws, and taking care of your own family? Whether your loved one is in a senior living facility temporarily or long-term, chances are, your loved one feels a bit discouraged that

Handling Caregiver Guilt after Transitioning to Senior Care

Helplessness.  Vulnerability.  Confusion.  Anger.  These are just some of the feelings seniors experience as they face the reality that their years of independent living have come to an end.  The adult children who make elder care decisions also experience a torrid of emotion and guilt.   To facilitate acceptance of the need to move a parent into a care facility,

Understand the Different Senior Living Options

Life is full of decisions; some big and some small. As we age, we become responsible for more decisions. We try to plan for the unexpected or prepare for decisions we’ll have to make in the future. Deciding where to live after your home is no longer the best fit can be difficult and sometimes beyond your control. Understanding the

5 Tips for New Nurses Working in Assisted Living

Aging is an unavoidable part of living and it’s certainly not a bad thing. With age comes wisdom and experience, family and community. While most would love to have the ability to care for their aging loved ones, that’s not always a reality. This makes job security in the medical profession a stable choice and working in a nursing home