Balancing Holiday Obligations When your Loved One is in a Senior Living Facility

Many of us have aging parents—or grandparents—in long-term care facilities. This can be especially difficult during the holiday season. How do you balance seeing your loved one, visiting your in-laws, and taking care of your own family? Whether your loved one is in a senior living facility temporarily or long-term, chances are, your loved one feels a bit discouraged that

Handling Caregiver Guilt after Transitioning to Senior Care

Helplessness.  Vulnerability.  Confusion.  Anger.  These are just some of the feelings seniors experience as they face the reality that their years of independent living have come to an end.  The adult children who make elder care decisions also experience a torrid of emotion and guilt.   To facilitate acceptance of the need to move a parent into a care facility,

Understand the Different Senior Living Options

Life is full of decisions; some big and some small. As we age, we become responsible for more decisions. We try to plan for the unexpected or prepare for decisions we’ll have to make in the future. Deciding where to live after your home is no longer the best fit can be difficult and sometimes beyond your control. Understanding the

5 Tips for New Nurses Working in Assisted Living

Aging is an unavoidable part of living and it’s certainly not a bad thing. With age comes wisdom and experience, family and community. While most would love to have the ability to care for their aging loved ones, that’s not always a reality. This makes job security in the medical profession a stable choice and working in a nursing home