Senior Travel Tips

Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean traveling has to stop! If anything, older adults should travel more because they have more time (provided they have the financial means). However, being older means you may have to travel differently.



The most important thing when older adults travel is safety. There may be physical limitations, and older adults may be targeted by thieves. While all travelers should invest in travel insurance, it is particularly important for older travelers to invest in it. They are at a higher risk of falling and becoming ill. Especially if they are travelling out of country, if travel is delayed and they run out of meds or misplace them, the last thing they’d want to worry about is not being able to get the help they need. (Side note: older adults should always carry their meds on their person and bring a few extra days’ worth just to be safe.)


Watch your Diet

Older adults often have a more sensitive stomach. That makes it especially important for them to watch their diets when traveling. The last thing anyone would want is to get sick while traveling and spend most of the trip in the hotel room.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is one of the number one tips for traveling, but it’s especially important for older adults. Shoes with a small heel could make them more prone to falling or twisting an ankle. Flat shoes will help with balance.



Tourists are often easily targeted, but especially so if they are older adults. Hotels may seem like a safe haven, but rooms are broken into more often than people would expect. Individuals shouldn’t advertise that they aren’t there by putting the “clean my room” sign on the door, because it lets people know that the guests are away—a prime time for thieves to raid the room. Instead, travelers should call the front desk to let them know when to clean the room. Try to stay near the elevator and not on a ground floor, and always keep the security chain on the door.



If older adults opt to travel alone, someone should be aware of their itinerary, and they should check in often. They should always carry a cell phone on them for safety, too.



If you or an older loved one is traveling for the holidays, be sure to follow these tips!


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