Day of a Teacher October 2023

Let’s look at a day with a teacher.  We are near the end of September and by now teachers are acquainted with their class of students, and more familiar in the elementary with hopefully about 25 students in a classroom.  Secondary, teachers are meeting a new class each hour, the number multiplies by at least 5.

The foregoing probably describes a school setting during the 1950’s thru 2000’s.  Today, with technology, the organization of a school would be quite different.  The earlier school classroom would be centered around one main teacher.

A changing culture brought about changes in education.  The school became a mirror of our society.  Reading, writing and arithmetic are no longer the main subject matter.  The school has been asked to take on cultural change, especially the challenges that come with change.

In the earlier days of our country an eighth-grade education consisting of reading, writing and arithmetic was sufficient to start a career.  Today preparation for life and work can take many avenues, such as AP or Advanced Placement courses in high school.  These courses are offered at the college level, giving the student a head start in college.

The COVID virus changed students learning platform by offering school courses by the internet.   This caused problems for many students because they had to be motivated by a teacher presenting material via the computer.  Recent tests on reading and math have indicated a loss of achievement.   Teachers also had to adapt their lesson plans to an electronic device which became a challenge in communication.

The classroom today has changed with all that is available to assist in learning.  The change is the hand- held device called a phone.  How is it used—when, where, and to whose advantage.

The teacher is not the only one responsible for learning.   Paras are individuals employed to assist teachers in classroom settings.  Additional personnel such as hearing specialists are part of services also available to those in need.

Years ago, schools started to employ guidance counselors to help plan each student’s path through school.

We have recognized some time ago that all students are not created equal in the world of learning.  Therefore, additional professionals need to assist the classroom teacher.  A reading specialist can be of great help.

Additional resources that have been in our schools for many years has been a special educational teacher that plans, with both student and parent, the students daily school activities.

A teacher’s day is packed with challenges.  Managing a group of students successfully, using good teaching techniques, and achieving positive results is the goal of each teacher.

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