Meet Marjorie

Marjorie Johannes

Meet Marjorie.

Marjorie was born on May 5, 1919 in St. Cloud. Her father worked for a granite company in St. Cloud. She and her sister and two brothers had to take their turns doing chores around the house before they could go have their fun. Marjorie had two very good friends, Marcy and Irene. They all enjoyed being outside playing ball, volley ball or on the school playground. In the winter, they would go ice skating. Marjorie went to Lincoln Elementary, Central Junior High & Tech High School. During her school years, she was involved in theater. In elementary school, she sang in an Operetta. She would travel with the Operetta to schools and colleges to perform. She truly enjoyed being in any sort of performance. Marjorie recalls a time when the director of a play in Jr. High sent a letter to her house requesting that she be in that play. It was very encouraging and gave her the confidence and desire to keep performing.

Marjorie met her husband at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX. A friend had called her and asked her to go to the policeman’s ball with her on a blind date and that’s when she met George. That night they went for a walk in Munsinger Gardens. While walking, George asked Marjorie to go to a movie with him and she said yes. Later, he proposed in those same gardens. They were married in Texas in 1942 and spent 18 wonderful years together while raising their nine children; six boys and three girls. George had been in the Army during World War II and later worked at Dierks Dairy as a delivery man. Marjorie had many jobs throughout the years. She was a waitress at Clack’s Café in St. Cloud, Hedamark Coffee Shop in Minneapolis and Hilton Hotel in El Paso, TX. She also worked at Cathedral High School in the school store, St. John’s University as the Dining Supervisor and St. Cloud School of Nursing as a receptionist. One of Marjorie’s fondest memories is of being called “Ma” at her last three jobs. Although she enjoyed working, her passion was volunteering as a Foster Grandparent at Children’s Home & elementary schools in the St. Cloud Area. Now she provides that same love to her 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Traveling was something Marjorie truly enjoyed. She has been to California, Colorado, Las Vegas, Chicago, Arkansas, Texas and Hawaii. Her trip to Hawaii was in 1968 with her friend Valorie. She remembers going on a wonderful boat tour to watch the whales and touring Pearl Harbor. They did a lot of walking on that trip to take in all the beauty. Marjorie was encouraged by family to consider living at Good Shepherd. She has been here for six years and is pleased with the friendly people and social activities. She enjoys playing Kings in the Corner every night in the dining room with friends. Marjorie says “This is a wonderful community. I have such great neighbors. I love going to the birthday parties, they are the best!” We are proud Marjorie calls Good Shepherd home.

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