9 Free Apps to Better Manage Caregiver Duties

There are many tasks involved when caring for a senior loved one like managing medications, staying up-to-date on health news, and sharing information, just to name a few. Thankfully, software developers have come to the rescue by creating apps to help caregivers stay organized and informed. However, with the rise of smartphone usage, it can be difficult to choose which apps to use with so many options available. This article will outline the features of 9 free apps that are available for iPhone and Android.

1. CaringBridge
When allocating caregiving duties and sharing updates with concerned loved ones, communication is crucial. CaringBridge is an app for family caregivers that connects numerous caregivers through a single app, which provides easy access to appointment dates, changes in health, and other important information. In addition to these features, CaringBridge has connected with GoFundMe to allow users to raise funds to pay for continued caregiving and medical expenses.

  • CaringBridge allows caregivers to:
    • Share diagnoses, medications, treatments, and milestones with family and friends
    • Uphold their loved one’s privacy by use of the app’s settings
    • Send uplifting messages and motivation to other caregivers who have been given access

2. Ianacare – Caregiver Coordination
Ianacare is an app that was built by family caregivers. It’s dedicated to supplying caregivers with the tools and community access to inspire them during life’s most vulnerable moments. This is a wonderful option if you’re on the hunt for apps to help plan for elder caregiving.

  • Ianacare allows caregivers to:
    • Coordinate help with family and friends
    • Keep your curated community updated in a private feed
    • Keep your care team organized with a shared calendar so others know how and when they can offer support without needing to ask

3. Med Guide – Illuminate Health
Med Guide is a health and wellness program that makes medication management easier and integrates safety features that can help prevent accidental misuse or interactions. This app is highly collaborative and great for family caregiving, making it easy for you and your network to communicate for the best possible care.

  • Med Guide allows caregivers to:
    • Set medication and doctor appointment reminders
    • Clinical support that checks for prescription duplication, accuracy, and drug interactions
    • Tracking for side effects
    • Wellness routine and education
    • Connects with care network

Med Guide also has detailed reports that include side effects and other symptoms like allergic reactions which you can print out or export to doctors.

4. Medisafe
Medisafe is a great app option whether your loved one is dealing with a short-term medical need or has a prolonged and complex condition. This versatile app makes maintaining your loved one’s prescriptions and medical regime easy by using reminders and alerts when medications are missed. It has been consistently rated as a top app for medical management and makes for a wonderful caregiver app.

  • Medisafe allows caregivers to:
    • Set medication reminders
    • Send alerts to caregivers if a medication is missed
    • Organize medications and keep track of refills and expiration dates
    • Sync with GoodRx for prescriptions coupons
    • Receive warnings about medication interactions

5. Symple
Is an app that makes it easy to monitor your loved one’s health and allows them to journal their feelings. It allows caregivers to track overall well-being, steps, sleep, meals, medication, and more.

  • Symple allows caregivers to:
    • Create and track symptoms related to diet, activity, and medications
    • Import Apple Health data such as steps and sleep
    • Use timestamped photos to keep a record of which medications were taken when
    • Quickly pass-through previous data using the interactive calendar
    • Unlock premium features like the smart journal, which makes it easy to create a list of questions for your doctor

6. InsightTimer
This is a free self-care resource for caregivers that aids in relieving stress, reducing anxiety, and promoting better sleep. InsightTimer makes it easy to understand the techniques of meditation, which is proven to relieve anxiety and mental stress.

  • InsightTimer allows caregivers to:
    • Access thousands of guided meditations to help cope with anxiety and stress, increase mindfulness, improve sleep, and more
    • Access calming music, sound healing, and chanting mantras
    • Access to discussion groups and community features

7. Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression
This is another self-care app that’s fantastic for caregivers. Sanvello has a feel-better toolkit that integrates elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy and coaching to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Sanvello allows caregivers to:
    • Track mood and goals
    • Access activities that allow you to journal and examine thought patterns
    • Access techniques for coping with difficult emotions, building confidence, and/or creating a mindfulness practice
    • Access to premium features includes therapy and one-on-one coaching and may be covered under health insurance

8. MindMate
After recognizing the lack of digital tools for those suffering from memory loss and cognitive decline (as well as their caregivers), the makers of MindMate developed the app. MindMate offers engaging workouts to keep both the mind and body fit.

  • MindMate features offered to caregivers and their loved ones include:
    • Games aimed to challenge the four core cognitive areas: problem-solving, speed, memory, and attention
    • Personalized exercise routines
    • Advice regarding recipes and nutrition

9. First Aid by American Red Cross
It’s no secret that having knowledge of first aid and CPR is beneficial to everyone, but it is essential for those responsible for the health and well-being of a loved one, making First Aid by American Red Cross one of the best apps for caregivers. The First Aid App was created to provide users with clear and concise first aid and CPR instructions in the event of an emergency.

  • First Aid by American Red Cross features include:
    • Simple step-by-step instructions for everyday first aid scenarios
    • Actions to take during an emergency, with a 9-1-1 call button
    • Videos and animations to make learning first aid enjoyable and easy
    • Weather safety and preparedness
    • Preloaded content involving all safety information
    • Content in English and Spanish



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