Book Clubs for Seniors

There’s nothing quite like escaping into a great book. And you are certainly never too old to join a book club! Book clubs provide a great way to socialize, expand your outlook, and adopt a healthy hobby.



Social isolation can be a problem for older adults, especially if they’ve just moved to a new senior living community where they don’t know anyone. A book club is a great way to meet new friends and find necessary socialization.


New Perspectives

Books are the perfect way to expand your mind and perspective. Books offer the chance for you to escape into a new world, but they can also help you learn and expand your horizons. Choosing a memoir from someone who has lived a different life or a historical text about a time period you want to learn more about is a great way to learn in an informal, no-pressure environment. It also gives you the space to learn more about other cultures, races, and people in different socioeconomic status without feeling pressured or judged.


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Maybe you’re an avid reader or you haven’t picked up a book in ages. Either way, a book club offers you the perfect chance to step outside your comfort zone and pick up a new book you never would have otherwise. Each person in a book club is going to have different tastes and genre preferences, and you’ll need to take turns choosing books and reading everyone’s choice.


Improve Communication Skills

Book club discussions offer a great way for seniors to practice and maintain their communication skills. Discussions of the books often include critical thinking questions. Everyone will have a different opinion, which gives you the space to listen to their thoughts, form your own opinion, and discuss how your thoughts about the book may differ.


Here are some great book selections to get started with:

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