Celebrating the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and it’s time to pull out your red, white, and blue and celebrate in style. It’s cause for everyone to celebrate—young or old. Involving older adults in your celebration—whether it’s at their senior living facility or the family home—will make them feel more connected, engaged, and important. Make all your Fourth of July activities adaptable and safe; with a little creativity, everyone can join in.

Whatever activities you have planned for Fourth of July, it’s crucial that you make them safe, especially in the summer heat. It’s important for older adults to limit sun exposure and have plenty of sit-down time. The heat affects older adults differently than their younger counterparts, and standing may be more tiring for them. If you’re outside for a barbecue, keep them in a shady spot on a comfortable chair. Hydration and sun protection is important for everyone. Consider that, for individuals with Alzheimer’s, large groups can be overwhelming. Limit the amount of time they’re at a large gathering, or make it a smaller gathering.

Backyard Barbecue

Get the grill going and invite the family! Everyone can bring a dish and share recipes. It’s a relaxing and fun way to enjoy the day. Make all the traditional favorites along with a few patriotic-themed dishes. Just be sure there’s something for everyone to eat, no matter their dietary restrictions. If staying in at the senior living facility is the best option, throw an ice cream social, complete with everyone’s favorite sundae topping.


There’s bound to be plenty of fireworks displays around town. Grab a few blankets and cozy chairs and get the whole gang together. If you’re worried about the sound or crowds, snag a spot farther back. If the weather is too hot, turn on the television. There are always several televised fireworks displays.


Head to the local parade, catch some candy, and enjoy the camaraderie of everyone in town celebrating the same thing together.


Test everyone’s knowledge with patriotic-themed games like a geography game, see who can name the most American landmarks, play a few rounds of patriotic bingo, or whip out the cards so everyone can play their favorite card game.


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