Community Gardens at Good Shepherd

Community Garden at Good Shepherd

Community Gardens at Good Shepherd

Community Gardens at Good Shepherd: Anyone who has taken a stroll through a park or relaxed along a sunny river bank can recognize the profound effects that nature has on our bodies and spirits. Simply being outside in the fresh air and sunshine provides a sense of mental clarity and overall well-being. Nonetheless, experts have done significant research on our interaction with the natural world to prove its many physical and mental benefits.

Seniors, especially, benefit from interacting with nature through therapeutic gardening, also known as horticultural therapy. Working in and enjoying the results of a therapeutic garden is considered one of many proven, holistic treatments for those in need of rehabilitation, healing, stimulation, social engagement and more.

Good Shepherd currently maintains 14 community gardens on our Sauk Rapids campus.  Each garden is planned, planted and tenderly cared for by our tenants with all the fresh produce being distributed to those who reside on our campus.

As we enter planting season, we seek support for the purchase of seeds, plants, and associated items such as hoses.  If your feel you can help to make our gardens beautiful and productive, please contact Perry at (320) 259-3491 or  You make also contribute directly via our online option at the following link:

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