Flu Season Tips

The cold weather may be a single that the holidays are approaching, but it’s also a signal that cold and flu season is upon us too. Cold and flu season can be tough on everyone, but it’s especially hard on infants and seniors. The start and end of the flu season fluctuates a bit each year, but we’re currently right in the middle of it and have a few months of peak flu season to get through. The flu can lead to devastating consequences in the senior population, like hospitalization and even death. Thankfully, the flu is preventable.


Get the Flu Vaccine

Many people fail to get the flu vaccine because they think they’re in the clear or have made it through flu season unscathed, only to get the flu in March at the end of the season. Individuals should get the flu shot as soon as possible.


Wash Your Hands

Good hand hygiene is crucial during cold and flu season. In fact, experts call it the next best cold and flu prevention method second to getting the flu shot. People should wash their hands with warm water and soap several times per day and after they blow their nose, cough/sneeze into their hands, or touch surfaces that may be contaminated by germs. If individuals don’t have regular access to a sink, they should carry hand sanitizer with them. People should also make it a habit not to touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. It’s a great way to spread germs into your respiratory system. If absolutely necessary to scratch an itch on one’s face, individuals should wash their face first or use a tissue.


Boost Your Immunity

One of the best ways to boost one’s immunity is to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet. A healthy immune system will help fight viruses before they attack. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help reduce cold and flu symptoms. Laughing, getting enough sleep, and avoiding stress can also boost immunity and fight illness.


Skip the Crowds

Public places are teeming with germs. Seniors that are worried about getting a cold or the flu should avoid visiting crowded public places where they have to be with people in close quarters.


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