Happy Grandparents Day

Happy Grandparents Day
Happy Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day 2018 – Sept. 9!

Happy Grandparents Day. Since 2011, Generations United has spearheaded an annual campaign to encourage all generations to Do Something Grand and engage with another generation on Grandparents Day.

Leading up to Grandparents Day 2018, we and our national partners will share resources, ideas, and information around this year’s theme, Immigration, to emphasize how this country’s changing age and race demographics are our greatest assets.

Check out our Grand Things to Do to see how you and your organization can get involved! You can also get ideas from our Take Action Guide.

Want to help us spread the word? Check out our Social Media Toolkit, which is always being updated, for scheduled days to share suggested Tweets, Facebook posts and more through your networks.

Be sure to check back as we will update this site with information and upcoming activities.

All year round:

Grandparents and Older Adults We’re asking you to commit to do something grand and share your wisdom, perspectives and key civic values with young people and advocate on their behalf.

Children, Youth, and Younger Adults We’re asking you to commit to do something grand and connect and serve with your grandparents or older adults in your community.

Grandfamilies: You provide a safe and loving home to your grandchildren or other relatives in your care. We think you are doing something grand for children every day of the year. As part of our week-long celebration of Grandparents Day, Generations United recognizes, honors, and thanks grandfamilies. Want to talk to an expert on grandfamilies? Contact us

Intergenerational Programs: You are doing something grand every time you bring younger and older people together. We’re asking you to plan and coordinate grand intergenerational activism projects.

Together, adults and youth can reach out to decision-makers and begin one of the most important dialogues in our history: discussing how, as a country, we can address the many challenges facing future generations—from literacy to health and wellness to financial stability.

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