Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Flags! Flags!

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Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Flags! Flags!

Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Flags! Flags! We are in the season of displaying our American Flag – Old Glory, The Red, White and Blue, and The Stars and Stripes – Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day.

Many places take pride in displaying the American Flag every day. This is true at Shepherd of Grace. A resident and Korean War Veteran, Jake, at Shepherd of Grace, daily posted and retired Old Glory.  With his recent passing, Barb has stepped in to take on this important duty.

Our patriotism shines each time we honor what the American Flag stands for – God and Country. As the Star Spangled Banner plays, honor is shown by placing the hand over the heart or rendering a firm salute.

A flag bearer, accompanied by a drummer, would lead soldiers to battle. The flag was a guide to keep troops in a fighting line.

In times of trouble in a foreign land, American citizens would seek refuge in a building flying the stars and stripes. This location was the American Embassy.

Flags of all shapes and sizes have been used to identify individuals, groups of people and countries.

During Medieval times (Middle Ages) castles prominently flew flags to show who was in charge. These flags displayed the coat-of-armor representing the ruler and their family.

As mankind began to explore areas away from their homes, the oceans became the highways, thus ships of the sea. Flags flying high on a ships’ mast identified the home port – showing pride in their country.

As time past, flags on ships became a way of communicating. Many countries assembled fleets of ships forming navies. While at sea, flags would be hoisted in a series, to send messages to one another. This technique was used during World War II, when necessary to keep radio silence.

The Stars and Stripes are used to honor a deceased veteran. Military honors include not only a final gun salute and taps but a folded (Triangle Shape) American Flag. This flag is presented to the Veteran’s family as a way of thanking them for service to the United States of America.

Personal memories recall my wife and I proudly celebrating Memorial Day by placing American Flags on our veteran’s graves. Daily I look at a small display, in my apartment, of the American Flag, Minnesota Flag, and the Navy Flag. 

What is your flag story? Share it proudly!

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