Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Olympics are more than just games!

I look forward to the Olympics every four years.  It’s a good break in the TV fair offered day in and day out.

This is a chance for world athletes, no matter their specialty, to compete on the world stage.  Games of running, jumping, and throwing originated in Athens, Greece.  The modern games were brought to life in 1896.

The games were to be held every four years.  In a different country.  An Olympic committee decides which city from those that bid for the challenge of hosting the games.

It costs millions of dollars to build the various structures for each of the venues.  This includes the necessary housing for the athletes, this year numbering eleven thousand.  Two hundred countries were represented.

This year presented an additional challenge – the virus.  The host country already had postponed the games one year, upsetting many athletes training schedules.  Many Japanese citizens were protesting against the games being held.  Japan was still experiencing Covid-19.  The leadership of Japan said the games will be held, but with no “fans in the stands”.  This burden of “no fans” (most athletes respond in a positive matter) was overcome.   Several new Olympic and world records were set.

As I am writing this short review, I pause to thinking about bringing together all these competitors in a peaceful manner.  In all appearance’s things went smoothly.  Rules were followed, participants showed respect for their competitors, and even shared gold medals.

Two finalists tied for first place in the men’s high jump.  The judge indicated 1st place would be decided by a jump-off.  The two looked at one another momentarily then one jumped into the others arms deciding to share the gold.

In one of the middle-distance runs, one runner accidently tripped another and both fell to the track.  As they helped each other to their feet, they decided to jog the remainder of the race and finish together.

These examples, and I am sure there were others, show what is called the Olympic spirit.  A spirit that is lacking in much of our world.  It would be very refreshing to have the world leaders take the Olympic spirit with them as they meet to solve mankind’s problems.

The “goodness” of the common person in each country is shown when we have an opportunity to express it.  This was exemplified in the Olympics.  Hopefully world leaders watched and took to heart the spirit of the “Olympics Games”.

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