Jack’s Cabinet of Curiosities: Technology and the Workforce

Positive role models are a good thing for young people. Hopefully, those models can be established in a young person by observing a family members lifestyle. Let us apply this role model to how a family takes care of the daily living activities; how much “smoother” a day can go if everyone “pitches in.” If all have a positive attitude toward household chores, then this will carry onto yard maintenance.

Recent storms have caused many people’s yards to fill up with branches, thus the opportunity to work together in cleanup. All hands working together is more pleasing than working alone.

The forgoing is a model for preparing a young person for work. If you have trouble convincing a young person to work, ask the neighbor to trade children for the work at hand. Many times, a new person giving directions for a task at hand will encourage the young person to better show their work skills.

Work is a lifelong activity. Hopefully, we were employed at a job we enjoyed most of the time, so the job did not become a daily grind. If you get up in the morning and feel good most days about going to work, then life seems to be so much kinder to you.

Most people are willing to share things about their job. In fact, when we meet someone new, one of the first things in conversion is “what do you do for a living?”

Our electronic age may have changed role models. Most everyone you see is looking at a cell phone. Of course, we call it a phone, but it is really an appliance with much power. Young people are very enamored by these devices. So will young people, in the future, be expected to do work electronically? Maybe not work, but a robot will serve the worker. Not many jobs are left that cause a sweat to break out.

You would have to consult some old black and white pictures to see a group of men digging a ditch. Someone digging a ditch watched this activity and thought there has to be an easier way to get the job completed. Thus, the age of steam and oil driven machines.

For some time now we have been in the next age of hand-held devices. The era is “AI – Artificial Intelligence.” Is a device going to think for us?

“AI” is a long way from responding to your mother’s call to do an errand when you are busy playing with your grade school buddies.

My mother and grandmother were great on desserts. When baking a pie or a cake they automatically thought of one another. My grandparents lived close to my home, so an errand to deliver desserts was not unusual. It interrupted my playtime. So, I accomplished the task too rapidly, trying to deliver two pieces of pie. One piece slid off the plate. The result – I deposited it in the garbage can making haste to deposit the other inside my grandparents back door. It was not long, and I was summoned by my mother to explain what happened to the other piece. Grandmother called mother.

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