Jack’s Column: Communication

Communications is an ongoing activity in today’s world. A constant barrage of talking heads on TV. Constant weather reports on radio and TV. If we need more information, us your phone, I-pad, or computer. We do it faster and quicker. Events occurring across the world have instant coverage.

Can you even imagine living in a world that took years to learn of a new invention or a lifesaving discovery? A time when news or ideas were passed on by word of mouth. No means of record keeping until written form of language was developed. That was accomplished by markings in wet clay. Those clay tablets, when dry, presented a storage or movement problem.

As mentioned before, ideas and new discoveries traveled slow by word of mouth. Paper was first developed in China and was a form of block printing. Later 105 A.O. in China Papyrus was used in Egypt in the third millennium before Christ.

Written word could be used when applied to paper and easier to store and use in communicating. But the biggest advancement in communications came in 1400 A.D. with advanced printing press using moveable type developed by Gutenberg. Now more people could learn how to read the written or printed word.

Because books were handwritten until the printing press, most people couldn’t afford to buy a book. However, the cost was now much lower so more people could afford to purchase a book. The Bible was translated into many languages, thus many people learned to read. Now God’s message become personal.

After reviewing many kinds of early methods of communication. We can ask a question. We are obviously much faster, but have we improved in understanding? It would appear that speed of communicating has not improved our understanding or maybe we aren’t listening.

Speed has helped in messaging times of emergency or disaster when lives are at stake. Our modern technology has served a good purpose.

More recently our technology has been used for negative purposes. We have developed a penchant for news or information we want to hear. Now a market for fake news has found a place in our culture creating a culture of what is true. The internet is open to all who choose to use it. Over the past year, people opinions can be spread quickly. Those on the receiving end may accept these opinions as facts, thus creating new beliefs or ideas on how to live their lives.

Many years ago, 1940’s, I had a junior high English Teacher that said read more than one source to get your information. This is so true today.

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