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I bring you tidings of the great day a Savior was born over 2,000 years ago.   His name is Jesus Christ.  The season is more complete knowing this reassuring message is proclaimed by song, readings, and wishing each other warm greetings during the season.

I am in my 5th year living at Shepherd of Grace Apartments, Becker campus. This is home for me.  We have a variety of people living here and it is interesting learning some of their life histories.

All weekly activities are available to those that choose to participate. An active schedule of board games, run by volunteers Barb & Connie is available daily. The games are popular. I know this by listening daily to discussions of who won yesterday’s games or replaying the games by verbal interchange.

Health was and is a big concern for our management. They follow the rules set down by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Menus are individually made out each week in advance. Breakfast is made to order. Lunch and dinner offer two main dishes plus three side dish choices. If these don’t meet your fancy there is soup, salad, and a sandwich. Presently, the main meal is served in the dining room, while the others are delivered to apartments.

Daily activities might include board games, exercises led by Shannon four times a week, brain games, physical games, and crafts. Several times a month we are entertained by musicians bringing their skills and laughter to brighten the day. Birthdays are part of the agenda for that day.

All of us are residents at Good Shepherd because of our age. We have an in-house physical therapy program available for body “tune-ups.” This is very helpful because we do not have to leave the building for this service.

I am writing this review of programs at Good Shepherd to not just inform friends and relatives about daily life, but to refresh your memory so you are not missing out on something that is available to all.

Three other rooms, for individual time, are open to daily use.  A library and puzzle room with comfortable seating, a coffee and chat room, and an exercise room with machines. Plus, a family room for visitation.

Our housing manager, Carol Klein, is special. She relates to each resident as if they were the only occupant.

Spiritual needs can be met easily. We have a church attached to our building. Dave Johnson, the pastor, also provides weekly Bible study.

Remember you are welcome at any of the groups and your participation would probably enhance your daily life especially if you are looking for something to do.

Merry Christmas!

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