John’s Happy Military Memories

Chicago would be his destination before discharge. John and his buddies walked the city. They hoped to see a White Sox game at Wrigley Field but having money for that kind of event did not seem possible. However, a kind police officer invited them to follow him into an entrance that brought them to the best seats possible – at no cost!

Another happy memory happened in Dallas. It was the Christmas season and John with his buddies went out to see the city and enjoyed going to dances. When Christmas eve approached, they all attended church service and met the two pastors. One was a teacher at a school and the other pastor was younger. On Christmas day, John and his friends attended the same church, and this time had a conversation with the pastors. It was discovered that John’s buddy and the young pastor had mutual acquaintances in Wisconsin where they both came from. Now the older pastor gave them an invitation to spend Christmas day with his family. John and his friends were thrilled. There was not any place to go on Christmas day and they never expected to enjoy a fine holiday dinner. Not only did they enjoy a wonderful feast with great company, but the pastor handed the keys to his Cadillac to his 16-year-old daughter to “show the boys around Dallas.” He knew these boys could be trusted!

What did John miss the most about home as he served his country? He will admit that his thoughts turned towards a girlfriend. But that was not a path he ended up following. A local dance hall is where he met his wife, Judy, and they spent many happy years together.

To be continued next week…

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