Meet Bea

Meet Bea

Bea was born to Herbert & Florence Brick on May 3, 1929. She’s proud to say she was raised a city girl in Minneapolis. Her father worked as an Auto Mechanic while her mother worked in the home and held some odd jobs. Being the youngest of eight, 4 sisters and 3 brothers, Bea freely admits to being spoiled! She and her siblings all attended the same school where Bea completed the 10th grade. Once finished with school, she began working at a facility that made punch cards. She was also a waitress among other jobs. She claims to have done “a little bit of everything.” Bea commuted to her favorite job in the cities at Cornelius Co., with other area workers. She was with Cornelius Co. for 23 years making fountain pop dispensers and a variety of other things. She retired on her birthday at the age of 62.

In July of 1949 Bea married Francis “Red” Pouliot. They met through Red’s buddy and had their first date at a roller rink. Red was in the Army during the war but left in 1946 and later joined the Navy. for a 20-year career providing wonderful benefits for their family. Bea & Red enjoyed traveling together. They went on 3 cruises to Hawaii, the Bahamas and through the Caribbean. They also traveled to Alaska but Bea’s favorite destination was Hawaii. Red dealt with health issues caused by shrapnel wounds and was in and out of navy hospitals. Sadly, he passed away in 1999.

Together Bea & Red had two children, a boy & a girl. Their daughter, Sherie, lives in Becker and they do everything together. Sherie has a daughter named Jenny who has three children; Nate, Ashlyn & Lauren; and a son named Bryan who also has three children; Victoria, Owen & Andrew. Their son, Larry, lives in Breckenridge, Co.

Recently Bea had to make a tough decision as a great grandmother. She decided to give her car to one of her great grandchildren but it was between two of them here in Minnesota. In an attempt to be truly fair, Bea had them draw cards. Whomever pulled the highest card would receive the car. It sounded like a good idea but she felt bad for the one who didn’t get the car. Inevitably, she made it right though and feels things ended well!

In 2007, Bea wanted to get into senior living and learned of Shepherd of Grace through Janet, a friend. Janet also told Bea about all of their friends who were moving into Shepherd of Grace. She was sold and moved in May 5, 2007. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite pastimes include puzzles, word books and going to the casino with the Monticello Senior Center. She volunteers leading Bingo & 654 here at Shepherd of Grace but enjoys all of the games and entertainment offered. When asked what she loves about living at Shepherd of Grace Bea said emphatically, “Just everything! We are one big happy family. Everyone helps each other.”

We are proud that Bea calls Shepherd of Grace home!

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