Meet Dennis of Good Shepherd

Meet Dennis of Good Shepherd

Meet Dennis of Good Shepherd.

Meet Dennis of Good Shepherd. Born March 2, 1943, Dennis and his family lived on a farm in New York Mills. His father worked the farm along with his mother. She also worked as a nurse’s aide in a local nursing home. Enjoyment for Dennis was found in several childhood activities but his favorites were, playing doctor, bird watching and spending time with his many pets. His school years were spent at New York Mills grade school and high school. One of the best memories for Dennis is of his first kiss, although it didn’t turn out the way one might think. He was about eight or nine years old and liked a girl in his class. They decided to meet behind the school for a kiss. As they touched lips, she sneezed leaving quite a mess!

The career of choice for Dennis was medicine. He served in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, or medic, in Vietnam tending to soldiers wounded during the war. Once discharged, Dennis worked at the VA for one year before using his G.I. Bill for education. He attended Fergus Falls Community College and graduated in 1969 with an AA Degree. After graduation, he transferred to the University of North Dakota and enrolled in the Physician Assistant program. While in that program, he interned with two family doctors, his preceptors, who still made house calls. Dennis graduated second in his class as a Certified Physician Assistant in front of many family members. He retired as Certified Physician Assistant and truly enjoyed his profession.

Throughout his life and career, Dennis witnessed good and bad. Those experiences, and the exposure to many cultures while he was in the military, provided Dennis with a wonderfully, light-hearted approach to life. He spent time in Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, and several of the states in the US, including Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. His takeaway from life thus far is that kindness and happiness should be spread whenever and whenever possible.

Dennis met his wife at St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Little Falls. Together they had three children; Julie, Sarah and Niles. Dennis also has three grandchildren; Nathan, Hailey and Jace. As a family, their focus isn’t necessarily on traditions. Instead, it’s most important to be together as much as possible and never be alone. When Dennis isn’t spending time with his family, he enjoys cooking & baking, crafts, watching some television and visiting with neighbors here at Good Shepherd. He has a huge personality and a couple of talents some might not be aware of. He is a Christian Clown and he has been singing in choirs for over sixty years.

Because Dennis is passionate about sharing his happiness with others, he truly enjoys visiting with his neighbors. He tries to bring positivity to every encounter and says, “I’m not here to change the world, only to make a few more comfortable in it.” He’s also grateful pets are allowed so he can continue to care for his adopted side-kick, Casey. The two spend a lot of time keeping each other company. Good Shepherd has been home to Dennis for about eight years. He says, “I love it here.” And he repeats our slogan proudly, “It’s not about the place, it’s about the people.” We’re proud Dennis calls Good Shepherd home.

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