Outshine The Darkness of Alzheimer’s

Outshine the Darkness of Alzehiemers

Summer Solstice serves as a reminder of the cycles of light and darkness in our lives. While we bask in the joy of long sunny days, it’s important to acknowledge the shadows cast by Alzheimer’s disease. This condition can cause our loved ones to live in a world of fog and forgetfulness, isolating them from the world they once knew. Caregivers, too, may find themselves navigating through a lonely journey.

Caregivers Stress

During the challenging times of caring for a loved one with dementia, it’s vital to remember that you are not alone. Recognizing the signs of burnout and seeking respite is not a sign of weakness but a testament to your strength. Reaching out for support can lighten the burden and provide a sense of community during difficult times. Remember, there are resources available in our community that can offer a helping hand and a listening ear. Together, we can illuminate the path through the darkness and find solace in the warmth of shared experiences.

Caregiver Resources

The greater St. Cloud area offers a variety of caregiver support services.

  • Dementia Community Action Network -Dementia Caregiver Support Groups (320) 640-6726
  • ALS-Lou Gehrig’s Disease Association 888-672-0484
  • Alzheimer’s Association 800-272-3900
  • Lewy Body Dementia Support 800-539-9767
  • Minnesota Kinship Caregivers (615) 917-4640
  • Assumption Community Dementia Support Group- Cold Spring (320) 348-2322
  • Williams Integracare Dementia Support Group- Sartell (320) 251-2600
  • Whitney Senior Center Memory Loss Support Group (320) 255-7245

When the burden of care becomes too great, our memory care cottages will provide a safe and secure homelike setting for your loved one. Just like at home, we respect sleep patterns and provide made-to-order breakfasts when residents wake up. The open style cottage allows for the freedom to walk around, find a cozy couch or rocking chair to relax, or enjoy the benefits of nature in our outdoor patio area. If you’re ready to start looking at the next step in dementia care, schedule a tour! (320) 259-3476 or email info@gsc-mn.org Contact Us

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