Prepare for the Big Move into Assisted Living

As we age, it gets harder to accomplish our daily tasks like bathing, getting dressed, and managing medications. For many older adults, this opens the door to moving to an assisted living home. There is no “right age” to move into assisted living. Some people move in just above 65, while others come at 84. Regardless of your age, there are some things you have to do to prepare for the move. Moving to an assisted living home is a significant step in one’s life. Here is an ultimate checklist of how to prepare before moving into an assisted living facility.

Prepare Your Health-Care Necessities

When making the switch to an assisted living facility, some older adults choose to move to a new town entirely. Many people will move closer to where their family is so they can come to visit often. If you plan to move somewhere new, you will need to set up a new primary care physician in the area. You will also have to switch over your medications to a new pharmacy. Some older adults have even opted to have their pharmacy medications delivered to them to have easier access to their prescriptions. Before making your move, you should also plan for all other medical needs. For example, if you have a surgery coming up, make sure you will have the ability to attend the surgery.

Downsize Your Belongings

Another step you have to go through before moving into an assisted living facility is downsizing. This step in the preparation process is always the hardest. Going through all of your items is a daunting task, and it can be challenging to let go. When you are preparing to move, make sure to prioritize necessities. You will need clothes, activities to keep you busy, medications, toiletries, bedding, and, if you can furnish your space, furniture. If your room includes a kitchen, you will also need dishes and other utensils. You must keep in mind how large your space will be. When deciding whether something goes or not, it does not have to be a black and white decision. You can take time to go through your belongings, but it is essential to understand that you might have to let go of many of your belongings. You can also hire professionals to help you go through the process and to move.

Deciding to move to an assisted living is difficult. However, once you have made that decision, you can easily prepare for the move. Prepare for your healthcare needs and downsize your belongings before moving for a seamless process. The Good Shepherd Community has two assisted living homes that you can choose from. Our assisted living facilities are fully equipped to give you the best care possible. If you are looking into assisted living homes, The Good Shepherd Community has you covered.

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