Resolutions!  New Year’s resolutions. 


Resolutions!  New Year’s resolutions written by Jack – Shepherd of Grace

Have you made them in the past?  Have you been able to keep them?

Human nature tests our will to have good intentions to change things in our lives that we know will benefit our well-being.

Many resolutions deal with living a healthy life.  Such as exercising our bodies.  The older we get the more difficult it gets to just move about each day.  Chairs, such as “lazy boys” are so inviting.  In fact, we may have dreamed about the day of retirement from the “daily grind” and sitting back with feet suspended in that favorite chair and let the world go by.

Unfortunately, this Is not what we are told is the correct way to live our retirement lives.

The body has many moving parts and we are to keep them moving.  Much value is accomplished by living a life including exercise.

Multiple studies have shown that exercise benefits us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As we lose many physical attributes we once possessed.  Balance being a major one.  Most of the time a second thought was not given about balance control of our body.  Aging certainly changes our confidence in body control.  The first fall is an alert to us that upright security we had is now threatened.

Exercise is a way to keep us fit and maintain our balance.  That opportunity is at our finger tips at Shepherd of Grace.

Exercising from the security of your chair with other people can be fun—more fun than on your own.  This opportunity is available three times a week, led by a smiling Sandy.  She creates an atmosphere of warmth and fun.

This encouragement has led to a second opportunity to exercise with Denise – “The Aegis Lady”.  Enthusiastic leadership has given us confidence to do Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Kick Boxing while seated.  Participation has given us confidence in our bodies—bodies that can still be mobile.  We are trying to live out the theme “use it or lose it.”

To enhance further the well-being of life at Shepherd of Grace “physical therapist” Patti provides us with monthly medical informational sessions.  Keeping everyone up-to-date on the latest medical information for a healthy life style.

Make sure you add the fourth cornerstone to your daily life for guidance and comfort –commune with Christ.


Wishing you and your family a very happy, blessed and prosperous year ahead… Happy New Year! 

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