Staying Cheerful Throughout the Holidays

The holidays are normally a time of cheer, but unfortunately, we are still dealing with COVID-19, which means that many people may be feeling the blues this holiday season. Even if we can’t celebrate the holiday season like we did in past years, there are ways to feel the holiday cheer.

Host Virtual Gatherings

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that families either celebrate with the members of their household that they’ve already been exposed to, or host virtual gatherings. In-person gatherings increase the risk of exposure, so to keep everyone safe, schedule virtual family gatherings. You can have game nights, dinners, or even talent shows—all with a fun holiday theme. It may be tempting to isolate, but it’s important to keep reaching out to friends and family. Grandparents can even video chat with their grandkids and make crafts together.


Some tinsel and twinkling lights can go a long way in making people feel cheerful! You may not be having guests over to visit anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t break out the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations to make your home feel festive. Spend an afternoon making a holiday wreath or other festive crafts.

Listen to Holiday Music

Playing holiday music is a great way to get you in the spirit of the season! Be sure to play your favorite tunes from the “olden days” and absorb yourself in the feeling of nostalgia.


Reminiscing on holidays past is a surefire way to get you into a festive mood. You can dwell on how different things are, or you can appreciate the wonderful memories. Reminisce by pulling out old photos, singing old holiday songs, and scheduling phone calls with old friends. Reflect on all the traditions and memories you’ve shared throughout the years.


It’s important to keep up with holiday traditions. If you bake Christmas cookies every year, that doesn’t have to change this year. You may just not need to make as many as you usually do. A delicious recipe is sure to sweeten the mood, and keeping up with traditions is a great way to bump up your level of cheer.

Talk it Through

If you’ve followed these tips and you’re still struggling to find joy this season, be sure you talk it out with a trusted friend or family member. You may feel a weight off your shoulders after talking with someone. They can provide the understanding and emotional support you need.

This holiday season is all about creating meaningful experiences. Try your best to enjoy the small moments and appreciate the things you do have. Learn more from the CDC about how to have a safe holiday.

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