Stepping On Workshops Work!

Stepping On Workshops Work!
Stepping On Workshops Work!

Stepping On Workshops Work! Meet Gordon & Dolores. They both attended the spring Stepping On workshop. Dolores is full of energy and confidence because she’s gained strength through the Stepping On workshop. She and Gordon have more courage to get out, get active and exercise with others. Because of the Stepping On workshop, Dolores has also been attending additional activities including balance class and walking with the Walking Club.

By attending the Stepping On program, what did you find most useful?
We felt encouraged to be more active and exercise. We also learned about the experiences of other people regarding falls.

What has the Stepping On program taught you? By staying strong you feel more confident about getting out and participating in more physical activities.

What are the most important strategies you remember learning about in the program? Balance is important, so you should focus on improving your strength and utilize “tools” around you.

Have you applied any of these important strategies into your everyday life? If so, How? I hold onto the handrail in the shower to avoid slipping and falling.

Have you been doing any of the exercises you learned about? I’m attending a balance class and an exercise class where I practice my exercises. We’re also part of the walking club.

Are you an older adult with a fear of falling? Thanks to grant funding through the Good Shepherd Foundation, a free seven-week workshop for older adults, called Stepping On, is being offered at Shepherd of Grace in Becker beginning in September 2018. To register or to receive more information, call Kassara Kneeland at 320-258-9357 or Pre-registration is required by August 31. There will be more information coming in the near future!


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