Summer Activities for Senior Living

Everyone wants to get out and enjoy the summer sunshine. Seniors—whether they are living at a senior living facility or still living independently—may need to be a bit more careful in the heat, but they can still enjoy plenty of fun summer activities. Inside or outside, check out these great activities to celebrate the season.

Head to the Lake

Soak up the sun at a nearby lake. Swimming is a great exercise for older adults because it is low impact. Splashing around in the lake shallows or wading in the pool can be very relaxing. If that’s out of the question, visiting the local park is great for a change in scenery. Enjoying the sun has some health benefits, too. Everyone needs Vitamin D, especially older adults who can be at risk for Vitamin D deficiency (which makes bones prone to fracture). A bit of sun (while protected with sunscreen) will provide that healthy dose of Vitamin D.

Go for a Stroll

Whether older adults are in a wheelchair, use a walker, or walk unassisted, the summertime is the perfect time to get a nice, slow stroll in. It’ll keep both the mind and body in shape. Exercise is important no matter your age.

Throw a Picnic

Picnics are perfect because you can do them right in your backyard. If it’s raining, you can even throw a blanket down in the living room or community room and enjoy an indoor picnic. Pack watermelon, lemonade, and sandwiches.

Tend to the Garden

Summer is gardening season! Pulling weeds, tending to the garden, and gathering the bounty is the perfect pastime. Not only is it good exercise, it’s relaxing and can improve focus. Don’t forget the indoor plants, too!

Attend Local Events

There are countless great events in the summer, whether it’s a festival, fair, or farmer’s market. Look for events like tai chi and yoga in the park, outdoor movies, and free music events.


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