The Benefits of Gardening and Houseplants for Seniors

Senior woman breeds cacti and transplants them into new pots

Growing gardens and tending to plants can provide many benefits. The primary benefits of gardening for seniors are the feelings of accomplishment and independence. Gardening can even improve mental health. Sometimes, however, whole gardens are not always the best idea for seniors due to space or abilities. In these situations, a smaller solution is required.


Improve the Air Quality with House Plants

Bringing plants into the home brings many benefits. Houseplants improve the air quality within a home. Lush green plants like ferns or pothos assist best with this. A popular houseplant is the Peace Lily, which is simple to care for and features beautiful flowers. Less fickle than other lilies, the Peace Lily is a wonderful plant for senior living.


Sustaining the Simplest Succulents

Perhaps the easiest plants to care for-at any age-are succulents. They require minimal maintenance, can live extraordinarily long lives, and still offer all the benefits of other plants. Most common succulents are extremely hardy and will survive even throughout periods of forgotten watering. Due to this hardiness, succulents can survive in unique arrangements and potting locations such as hanging baskets, window boxes, and a variety of locations.


Types of Succulents Suited for Seniors

The two traits that make succulents great plants for seniors are their durability and variety. There are over a hundred unique varieties of succulents, which means you are able to find the perfect plant for your loved one. Some varieties to begin your search with are Burro’s Tail, Christmas Cactus, Hens-and-chicks, Jade Plant, and Aloe Vera. An additional benefit of succulents is that you can combine multiple in a single pot for distinct looks while still being low maintenance plants for seniors.

The helpful people of the Good Shepherd community know the benefits of living green can have upon older adults. Visit our website to learn how to join our senior living community today. Check out our Memory Garden Blog for more details about how gardening can improve the quality of life for the aging loved one in your life.

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