The Difference Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

It can be difficult to choose between nursing homes or assisted living facilities for a loved one, especially if they require residential care. All senior living homes are different; there is no universal approach for aging loved ones. Many people think of “nursing homes” and “assisted living” as synonyms. However, these two terms aren’t as similar as they used to be about thirty years ago.

Nursing Homes VS. Assisted Living Facilities

There are many things that distinguish nursing homes from assisted living facilities. Nursing homes are for those who require full-time monitoring and medical assistance. These facilities provide the highest level of care for seniors who need day-to-day medical assistance, as well as to help with ADLs (activities of daily living).

In contrast, assisted living is perfect for those who are no longer capable of living alone but still want to maintain a social and active lifestyle. Assisted living communities provide long-term housing and care for seniors and have a 93% satisfaction rate. There are, unquestionably, many differences between nursing homes and assisted living, Let’s start by comparing their services.

The services that nursing homes provide include:

  • Meal options that meet daily nutrition requirements
  • Increased safety features
  • Dental services
  • Prescription medication services
  • Ongoing comfort and disease preventative care
  • Specialized rehabilitative services

As for assisted living communities, their services include:

  • Assistance with ADLs, like medication management, bathing, laundry, maintenance, etc.
  • Large or small suites and apartments with built-in kitchens
  • Accessible spaces and widened doorways
  • Transportation
  • Restaurant-style dining

Does Medicare Cover Nursing Homes or Assisted Living?

The average cost for assisted living is approximately $4,000 a month or around $5,000 a month for supervised Alzheimer’s care. This is typically paid out of pocket; however, Medicaid is available in some states around the U.S. Medicare does not pay for assisted living or for help with custodial care.

The average cost for nursing homes is approximately $7,400 a month, but a big portion can be paid by Medicaid. Medicare does cover some costs of a nursing home or skilled nursing facility if it’s necessary for recovering from a health condition, injury, or surgery.

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