The Perks: Evaluating the Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living can be a tough topic to bring up to your loved one. Or if you are a potential resident, it can be scary to imagine leaving your home for the care of a community like Good Shepherd.


Even though there are a host of amenities and benefits to living in a community home, we thought we would take the time to list the ones that make a difference for people of all ages and conditions. Here are our top reasons for making the transition to an assisted living community.



Residential assisted living grants you time. You might wonder how, given that after retiring you seem to have all the time in the world. Think about all the time you spend maintaining the things in your life. You spend time cleaning the home, arranging doctor’s appointments, and coordinating needed care with in-home providers.


One of the best assisted living benefits is the reclamation of this time. Instead of spreading yourself thin to make sure everything is taken care of, we take on this burden instead. In a senior community like Good Shepherd, you can rest easy knowing that you are being cared for. Your medical, cleaning, and dietary needs are met from the moment you settle into your space.



As you grow older, it can be important to maintain hobbies. Having a hobby will contribute positively to your mental and physical health. But there are many older people today that are struggling to find like-minded people with similar interests.


This is not the case for residential assisted living. Our community, and communities like it, offer residents and community members the chance to connect and pursue their passions. From cooking to whittling and everything in-between, nothing is beyond your reach with the assistance from Good Shepherd and the friends you’ll make when you move in.



Family time may be chief among assisted living benefits. Spending time with your family is no doubt important, but the hustle and bustle of life can limit the amount of time you spend with them. All that time spent coordinating your home and care eats into time you could be spending with loved ones.


An assisted living community empowers residents so they can accomplish what’s important: being with the ones you love. If you or a loved one is considering an assisted living facility like ours, we encourage you to simply reach out and explore your options. Though it can be frightening, our residents are always satisfied that they decided to let us lend a hand. Find out more by contacting us today.

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