The “Stepping On” Workshop Helped Me!

Elizabet Stepping On
The “Stepping On” Workshop Helped Me!

The “Stepping On” Workshop Helped Me! Elizabeth was leery of falling before she participated in the Stepping On program. Through the classes, she learned to be aware of her surroundings and the proper way to do strengthening exercises, which she now does daily. The Stepping On program increased her confidence. Elizabeth says, “I never gave falling much thought before the classes because I was always so careful, but afterward I avoided two falls by catching myself and avoiding injury.”


Are you an older adult with a fear of falling? Thanks to grant funding through the Good Shepherd Foundation, a free seven-week workshop for older adults, called Stepping On, is being offered at Shepherd of Grace in Becker beginning in September 2018. To register or to receive more information, call Kassara Kneeland at 320-258-9357 or Pre-registration is required by August 31. There will be more information coming in the near future!


Stepping On workshops
Stepping On is designed specifically for people who are: 1) at risk of falling, 2) have a fear of falling, or 3) who have fallen one or more times. Participants meet for two hours a week for seven weeks.  Workshops are facilitated by trained Leaders and provide a safe and positive learning experience.


It is the process in which the program is taught that makes it effective. Classes are highly participative; mutual support and success build participants’ confidence in their ability to manage their health behaviors, reduce their risk of falls, and maintain active and fulfilling lives.


Who should take the workshop?
Stepping On is for people who:

  • Are 60 or older
  • Live in their home or independent apartment
  • Are able to walk without the help of another person
  • Do not use a walker, scooter or wheelchair most of the time indoors
  • Are cognitively intact
  • Understand the language being used by the Stepping On Leader

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