Top 10 Cat Breeds for Seniors

  1. American Bobtail – Affectionate breed who bond with their humans and do not like being left alone.
  2. American Shorthair – People-oriented and love cuddling, making them a great companion choice for seniors.
  3. Birman – Affectionate, gentle, and intelligent breed. Loves companionship, has a playful side, and is low maintenance.
  4. British Shorthair – Good-natured and fuzzy, playful as kittens, but mellow out as they age.
  5. Chartreux – A great choice for seniors as they are a calm and playful breed.
  6. Himalayan – Since Himalayans are typically gentle and calm, they prefer living in a calm environment, which makes them a great companion for older pet owners.
  7. Persian – Calm and easygoing breed that enjoys a quiet atmosphere that a one-person home can give them.
  8. Ragdoll – A very laid back, loving and calm cat that typically have a tendency to follow you around.
  9. Russian Blue – Friendly, affectionate cats who are very loyal to their pet family.
  10. Siberian – Great therapy pets as they bond closely to humans. They are a calm, affectionate and playful breed.
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