Why Do People Give?

There are many reasons and benefits here are a some…

  1. One of the biggest reasons is it makes you feel good and that alone can boost your gratitude, which enhances your health, happiness, and optimism. It may even help reduce stress, depression and create social connections with others working towards a common goal or similar interest.
  2. For most Donors giving is very personal and they may give for varying reasons such being passionate about an organizations mission or having a personal connection to a cause. As a result, they want to make a difference, give back to a good cause or simply have a Philanthropic heart with a desire to positively touch the lives of many in need.
  3. They trust your organization. Not only does the Donor believe in an organizations mission, they also believe you will be a good steward of their generosity and utilize their gift to enhance or stabilize programs and services.  To build trust is to meet the Donor where they are at, offer to designate their gift or leave it open for greatest needs within their chosen charity or organization.  Some examples of designation may include a capital building improvement or specific program.
  4. Want to make an impact. Donors like to know their gift has made a direct impact to the charity and want to feel empowered by the outcome.
  5. Some want to leave a legacy for future generations. By doing this it also shares the importance of giving with children, leading by example, most often children will see the value of generosity and do the same in the future.
  6. Potential Tax Benefits. Maybe you itemize your taxes and charitable donations to an approved IRS charity may be a way to reduce your taxable income or you want to reduce your overall taxable estate value by gifting your assets or maybe even to help avoid capital gains taxes. The reason and options are many for potential tax benefits. Regardless, it is highly recommended that you seek out assistance from an Estate or Financial Planner and/or a Tax Advisor.
  7. For some it is because they were simply ASKED.

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