Why is Nursing Home Living so Expensive?

With the Baby Boomers aging, elder care is becoming a reality for many Americans. The financial expectations of caring for the elderly can be overwhelming. The idea of aging, or of our parents aging, isn’t always a pleasant thought and planning for care can feel stifling: both emotionally and financially. The cost of elderly communities continues to rise and many wonder why it’s so expensive. The answer isn’t a simple one but if you’re searching for information regarding nursing home pricing, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for.

In Minnesota, unlike in many other states, the price of nursing home care is set by state regulations. Starting around $3,250/month, the average cost is approximately 12% lower than the nationwide average. When you break down what the cost covers it’s easier to understand the pricing.

24 Hour Care

You or your loved one can feel reassured knowing nursing care centers provide round-the-clock care. This is assistance with personal care like dressing, bathing, feeding, and toileting—any time you need or want the help. Plus, you’ll have medical care as well such as: medication administration, dietary oversight, or therapies(physical, occupational, or speech). The staff monitors your daily needs and can quickly assess if you’re getting sick and will notify family and doctors. Whether your loved one needs physical rehabilitation after a fall or long term care for memory loss, they will be in a comfortable environment with the services they need.


If you stay at a hotel it can cost you anywhere from $85/day to $200/day depending location and time. Included in your stay is a bed, bathroom, TV, and maybe a minifridge. When you break down the starting monthly cost of nursing home living it averages about $110/day. Included in that living cost is your room with a bed, closet and bathroom, plus: 24 hour care and staff supervision, community rooms, a full calendar of scheduled social and educational wellness activities, meals, and the social aspects of community living. Your laundry is taken care of and your meals are planned, prepared, and served.

There are several different payment options available. If you can’t afford private pay, there is also long term are insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare payment options.

When you break down the costs and consider what it is you’re actually paying for, the cost doesn’t seem so unreasonable. You don’t have to make this decision or figure out all of this on your own. Call your local nursing care centers and speak to an expert who can help navigate the expenses and options with you.

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