Holiday Stress

What should be a joyous season for many can sometimes be a stressful season for many older adults. The holidays may be cheerful, but they can also be very emotional. Individuals in the senior population can experience feelings of loss and loneliness. Memories of past holidays—complete with family members who’ve passed away or ones in which they had more independence—can

Enjoying the Holidays as You Age

We’ve entered the most magical time of year, full of several big holidays that many people look forward to for months—if not all year long. Holidays may start to feel a little different as individuals age. The holidays may change as adults get older, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still find ways to enjoy them. Many older adults

Summer Activities for Senior Living

Everyone wants to get out and enjoy the summer sunshine. Seniors—whether they are living at a senior living facility or still living independently—may need to be a bit more careful in the heat, but they can still enjoy plenty of fun summer activities. Inside or outside, check out these great activities to celebrate the season. Head to the Lake Soak

Balancing Holiday Obligations When your Loved One is in a Senior Living Facility

Many of us have aging parents—or grandparents—in long-term care facilities. This can be especially difficult during the holiday season. How do you balance seeing your loved one, visiting your in-laws, and taking care of your own family? Whether your loved one is in a senior living facility temporarily or long-term, chances are, your loved one feels a bit discouraged that

Handling Caregiver Guilt after Transitioning to Senior Care

Helplessness.  Vulnerability.  Confusion.  Anger.  These are just some of the feelings seniors experience as they face the reality that their years of independent living have come to an end.  The adult children who make elder care decisions also experience a torrid of emotion and guilt.   To facilitate acceptance of the need to move a parent into a care facility,

Long-Term Care Housekeeping and Why it’s an Important Job

In any long-term-care facility, there are a lot of employees that directly impact the well-being of the residents. Nurses and aides maintain the residents’ literal health, food service keeps everyone fed, and administration makes sure those jobs are done for the well-being of all residents. But the unsung heroes of the residents’ health are actually the housekeeping workers. Societally, we

Virtual Pets: Benefits without the Mess

Pets add tremendous joy to our lives.  They can also protect against heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, decrease feelings of loneliness and extend our lives.  Of course, pets are also an investment of time and money.  Regular feedings, grooming, and ongoing vet-trips are just as much a part of pet ownership as snuggles and lap time.  There are more than

Why is Nursing Home Living so Expensive?

With the Baby Boomers aging, elder care is becoming a reality for many Americans. The financial expectations of caring for the elderly can be overwhelming. The idea of aging, or of our parents aging, isn’t always a pleasant thought and planning for care can feel stifling: both emotionally and financially. The cost of elderly communities continues to rise and many