Indoor Gardening for Seniors

With numerous physical and psychological benefits, gardening is a great hobby for older adults. Not only is watching something grow from a tiny seed rewarding, gardening is also a great stress reliever. Some studies have shown that gardening is linked to less stress. Not only can it boost serotonin, the feel-good chemical, it can help to boost the immune system and fight diseases. Because gardening can be an individual hobby, it is a great one for older adults to adopt especially as they are recommended to maintain social distancing guidelines. Indoor gardening is a great way to still enjoy gardening while staying safe.


A terrarium is the perfect way to get started with indoor gardening. You can buy these premade or plant your own. They’re easy to take care of and they act as a beautiful centerpiece.


Succulents are incredibly easy to take care of, making them a great plant for first-time gardeners to invest in. They can thrive in almost any environment. They just need a little bit of sunlight and an occasional splash of water and they will keep growing.

Hanging Plants

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, hanging plants are a great way to take advantage of unused space—whether it’s on the wall or hanging from your ceiling. Paint the pots or put them in macramé holders for a nice spark of color and personality.


Growing an herb garden is a perfect way to ensure you have fresh herbs all year round! You can grow herbs from seeds or buy a plant at the store. Set the pots in a kitchen window so you have easy access to herbs for cooking whenever you need them!

Vegetables and Fruit

Growing vegetables and fruit indoors is a little trickier than growing them outdoors, but it can be done. While some produce is flat-out impossible to grow indoors, some vegetables, like leafy greens, grow fairly quickly. You may need some extra supplies, like grow lights, to assist in the process and it may take longer than growing produce outside, but it can be achieved with a little work.

Good Shepherd Community has many community garden boxes that are available for those who live on campus to use. Individuals can plant, tend, and dig in the dirt outside if they’d prefer an outdoor garden.

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