Good Shepherd–A Great Place to Work

Good Shepherd: A Great Place to Work.

The career options available in the healthcare field are numerous and finding the right fit for you may be overwhelming. Maybe you’re just starting out or maybe you’re just ready for a change of pace; either way, a career at Good Shepherd might be the right move for you. The benefits of working in a Senior Living Community are as unique and rewarding as the residents you’ll serve.

Job Growth

Whether you’re coming to us as a seasoned veteran in the healthcare field or you’re just starting out in the field, a Senior Living Community has job opportunities for you. We pride ourselves on job growth and promoting from within. We want you to start here and stay here. We love watching our CNAs work their way to LPNs, RNs, or beyond. Good Shepherd is a ministry and a community, not just for our residents but for our employees as well.

More than a paycheck

The financial benefits of working at Good Shepherd are definitely an incentive all on their own. With competitive wages and comprehensive benefit packages, you’ll be taken care of. However, the real reward will come from working with our diverse residents. You’ll provide care for a group people that have much to share with you. The stories you’ll hear and the gratitude you’ll receive will mean more to you than any financial compensation. You will make a difference in our residents’ lives on a daily basis. Even the smallest gestures have a big impact.

Not only will you enjoy working with the residents at Good Shepherd but, you’ll love working alongside your fellow employees! Working at a Senior Living Community means you’ll become a member of a care team. This team works collectively towards a common goal and that type of unity adds a level of comradery that can ease the stresses found in the healthcare field.


The flexibility of working in a Senior Living Community is another benefit. The hours are flexible in that you’ll have the option of choosing to work full-time (30-40 hours per week), part-time (9-29 hours per week), or casual (0-8 hours per week). That flexibility means that whether you’re a student looking for fewer hours or you’re looking to start your career with Good Shepherd, we can accommodate you. We also have various shift times available. Whatever your lifestyle, we have options.

Another way we’re flexible is in the variety of jobs we have. You’ll have plenty opportunities regardless of what you’re looking for. We provide employment options for everything from housekeeping and catering to CNAs, LPNs, and RNs. You’ll be able to gain vital work experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Overall, the benefits of working at a Senior Living Community, like Good Shepherd, are rewarding and fulfilling. You’ll positively impact the lives of our residents and you’ll love the team you work with.

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